A bit about me and London.

A bit about me.

I imagine that this post will be a bit longer.

I was brought up on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver. In a city like this there exists a culture of art, creativity, hacking (in all of its forms), grassroots and disruption and this is a norm that I am used to. As part of the ‘wild west’ I learned to horse ride western style (yes I went on horse packing trips as a child), and as my mother was the author of the Sierra Club Guide to adventuring in British Columbia, I spent a lot of time in the Canadian outback, camping, hiking, fishing etc. My mother was also an immigrant (like I am here in London) who was born and raised in Kenya and we would go back to Kenya every other year.

I lived in Japan (Saitama) for 8 months and the United Kingdom (Cambridge) for four months as part of a University program when I was studying at the University of British Columbia during my undergraduate degree. While I was living in Cambridge I was working on the Ndiyo Project, a project that was bringing computer technology to developing countries. My first job after finishing my undergraduate degree was working for the Canadian Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration company doteasy.com in Burnaby, British Columbia. I went on to study Teaching and complete my Bachelors of Education at the University of Windsor in Southern Ontario, Canada and would go to Detroit (just over the bridge in America) frequently to experience its food, art and culture.

What worked for me in Vancouver sometimes worked for me in London. For example, I obtained my first two jobs in London as well as my first living space in London through Gumtree, kind of like the CraigsList which more people seem to use here:

London Gumtree: http://www.gumtree.com/london
London CraigsList: http://london.craigslist.co.uk/

Anyway as time moved on, I have become involved in many more things in London. Here are some of the amazing projects, related the London Tech City that I have had the privilege to be a part of:

MozFest London 2013: http://mozillafestival.org/ (Twitter: @mozillafestival)
London Design Fesival 2013: http://www.londondesignfestival.com/ (Twitter: @L_D_F)
-Two of my blog posts related to this event were put on the official blog feed: Valcucine – A Review and Ideaworks – A Review
TedxSquareMile 2013: http://www.tedxsquaremile.com/ (Twitter: @TEDxSquareMile)
-See my participation photo on the following website
Flossie 2013: http://www.flossie.org/content/flossie-2013 (Twitter: @flossienet)
-Join us on Meetup!
OpenTechSchool London: http://www.opentechschool.org/ (Twitter: @OpenTechSchool)
-Join us on Meetup!
JCI UK; specifically the London and Canary Wharf chambers: http://www.jciuk.org.uk/about-us/  (Twitter: @JCI_UK @JCI_London @JCICanaryWharf)
-Three of my blog posts have appeared on their official blog feed: Cath Kidston’s Secrets of SuccessJCI Canary Wharf and JCI Members Meet Her Majesty the Queen
Code First: Girls 2013: http://www.codefirstgirls.org.uk/ (Twitter: @EntreFirst)
Stemetteshttp://www.stemettes.org/ (Twitter: @Stemettes)
-See Stemette’s blog of events I was involved with: Stemette Panel and Stemette Workshop
-See Stemette’s pictures of events I was involved with: Stemette Panel and Stemmete Workshop
CityLit DreamWeaver Class: http://www.citylit.ac.uk/ (Twitter: @citylit)
Women 2.0 London: http://women2.com/ (Twitter: @women2)
-Check out the following for information to join us for Monthly Women 2.0 Founder Fridays in London!

So anyway, enough about me and let move on to more interesting information about the London Tech Scene.


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