Books, webcasts, and life-hacking

In this post I will discuss books and media that I have found to be helpful. I will then go on to different forms of life-hacking that I have heard about which may or may not be beneficial and which I may or may not use. I try to read a chapter of a book and listen to one education webcast a day.

Books (that I have read and that have been suggested to me):
1) Mental Resilience by Kamal Sarma (read it)
-Read this due to my Chartered Institute Personel and Development (British HR Professional Qualification) book club and yes, it is good. It is basically a scientific legitimization for meditation, and it provides a guide on how to meditate and a CD with meditation tips. I’ve only read the book and have not used the CD yet. Recommend.
2) Brilliant Time Management by Mike Clayton (read it)
-This book provides tangible, practical and useable ways to get things done. I still use many of the tips recommended in this book in my day-to-day life. Highly recommend.
3) The Secret by Rhonda Byrne (read it)
-Yes, it is a fluffy, annoying, superficial book, which takes a simple idea (if you focus all your thoughts and efforts on a goal then you will achieve it) and the Pygmalion theory along with a good dash of Christianity (the bible is mentioned a few times), but the idea is valid I just felt somewhat cheated due to the marketing hype. Somewhat recommend.
4) Eat Pray Love (read it, kind of)
-I hated this book and the movie felt really off to me, I only made it to about page three of the book because I was frustrated with the main character and then I put it down, never to open again. Do not recommend.
5) Creative Mischief by Dave Trott (read it)
-This book was recommended to me by a lady who works at Ogilvy and it is brilliant. Dave is a marketing genius who writes in very short chapters of a few pages each, the stories are very easy to read and it is only by the end or each story that you realize each one imparts important work and life lessons. Highly recommend.
6) The Procrastination Equation by Piers Steele (read it)
– Another book which provides tangible, practical and usable ways to prioritize and get stuff done, this is a great book and I still use many of the things that I read about in this book in my day-to-day life. Highly recommend.
7) Getting things done by David Allen (currently reading it)
-From the outset it appears a bit dated and slow but it definitely provides some tangible tips that I am currently implementing in my life which appear to be useful.
8) SUMO (Shut Up and Move On) by Paul McGee (not read yet)
9) The Start-Up Of You by Reid Hoffman (not read yet)
10) Purple Cow by Seth Godin (not read yet)
11) The Defining Decade by Meg Jay (just ordered from Amazon)
12) The Success Principles by Jack Canfield (just ordered from Amazon)
13) The Rules of Work by Richard Templar (just ordered from Amazon)
14) Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill (just ordered from Amazon)

Webcasts (that I have watched and have been recommended to me, most of these are free on youtube):
1) Ted talks and Tedx talks
-I may be somewhat biased because I was involved in TedxSquareMile which is the Ted Talks of London’s Square Mile business district, but these talks are motivational, inspiring, sometimes shocking talks and if you have some time they are a great listen.
2) Tony Robbins
-Yes, he does sound a bit like a preacher/infomercial person who promotes quick-fixes and from time to time he does sell his own products (green vegetable dietary supplements?); but, like a cup of coffee, for a short burst of inspiration one of his videos are a good listen.
3) Saturday Night Live Video Clips
-Life is not all work and seriousness, I find this kind of humor hilarious and a good de-stressor
4) College Humor Video Clips
-Again, life is not all work and seriousness, I find this kind of humor hilarious and a good de-stressor
5) Ray William Johnson Video Clips
-Again, life is not all work and seriousness, I find this kind of humor hilarious and a good de-stressor
6). Skills Matter Pod Casts
-Go to the website and watch the pod casts of previous presentations, highly recommend

Life-Hacks (that I have used and have been recommended to me):
1) Meditation (I currently do)
-I do this at least three times a day. Highly recommend.
2) Exercise (I currently do)
-I do cardio for at least half an hour a day, I switch on some you tube exercise videos, go outside for walks/jogs, have been a member of a gym/dance class (there are also many taster classes/gym days in London for those of us who are frugal), this is on top of the regular walking to and from places during the day. Highly recommend.
4) Massages (I currently do)
-Daily use of a heated massage chair and foot massage every day. Highly recommend.
5) Personal upkeep (I currently do)
-I do my nails and eye brows daily, used to get this done in a spa; now I do it myself, more frugal. Highly recommend.
6) Outlook (I currently do)
-This is a life saver at work; emails, calendar, task list; I use all of them and highly recommend taking the outlook course that is available from the Microsoft website for free so that you can fully understand and utilize this tool. Highly recommend.
7) Astrid (I currently do)
-This is the personal task manager that I use on my phone. It was acquired by yahoo and then discontinued, so I don’t know if it can still be downloaded, mine works just fine so I still use it, another that I have heard of is Don’t Forget the Milk. Highly recommend.
8) Google Calendar (I currently do)
-This is my personal calendar, my partner and I also share our calendars, I add all the British and Canadian Holidays to this. Highly recommend.
9) Yoga (I have tried)
-I have medically tight hamstrings and do not find most types of yoga comfortable and therefore do not do yoga. Not for me.
10) Pilates (I have tried)
-Again I do not find this kind of work comfortable as I have tight hamstrings. Not for me.
11) Chiropractor (I have tried)
-I went to a chiropractor in London and it was expensive, painful and the exercises that she gave me to do caused me more pain and discomfort so I stopped them. Not for me.
12)Fit Bit (I have tried, I want to try again)
-Monitors your sleep, how much you exercise, heart rate etc. Highly recommend.
13) Professional Massages (I have tried, I want to try again)
– I am frugal and not so great with people touching me. generally has some good deals though so maybe I will try this?
14) Osteopathy (I have tried, I want to try again)
-My cousin-in-law is an osteopath and she did some amazing work on me over the winter break, I think that I would like to continue this
15) Reiki/crystal work (I have tried, I want to try again)
-When I was young my mother had someone do this for me and when I was a teen on an exchange to the south of France the mother of the house did this on me, it is interesting and I am skeptical, but I would like to try it again
16) Hot Yoga (I want to try)
-My sister does this in Canada, and I have heard good things about it; maybe it would be good as I currently feel the UK is rather cold?
17) Group jogging (I want to try)
-There are a few groups that I am aware of, I don’t think that I am quite at that level of fitness, maybe I should do the NHS bed to five KM audiotapes again, get to that level and then join to group jogging groups?
18) NHS bed to 5 km Jogging Audio-tapes (I want to try)
-I tried before but lost motivation, going to try again
19) Aromatherapy (I want to try)
-I used to really be into this as a child, I would like to re-learn and use this as an adult


2 thoughts on “Books, webcasts, and life-hacking

  1. Simon Alexander Ong

    You will enjoy reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. A true classic with the power to transform the way you view yourself and art of achievement. Change begins with us and through an understanding of the inside-out nature of this world. Look forward to hearing how you find it when you get round to reading it!

  2. techcityblogcouk Post author

    Hi Simon, thanks very much, I think that it was Laurie who actually recommended this one to me. I think she was saying that this is the original “The Secret.” I am looking forward to receiving it from Amazon!


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