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So in an effort to find out who is involved in the London Tech Scene, I have attended a few networking events and put myself on some mailing lists. However, who are the movers and shakers? Well, google can help here as well as what I have learned (Please add feedback as this a preliminary list and I would like to be able to make it longer). This section will be divided into 1). Organisations related to Tech City London 2). Events related to Tech City London, 3). Established lists of who is who in Tech City London and 4). Accelerators/Incubators related to Tech City London.

1). Organisations related to Tech City London
a) Level 39 – (Twitter: @Level39CW)
b) Google Campus –  (Twitter: @campuslondon)
c) Rainmaking Loft –  (Twitter: @RainmakingLoft)
d) Tech Hub –  (Twitter: @TechHub)
e) Three Beards –  (Twitter: @3_Beards)
f) General Assembly –  (Twitter: @GA_London)
g) London Hack Space –  (Twitter: @londonhackspace)
h) Rubber Republic –  (Twitter: @Rubber_Republic)
i) Camden Collective –  (Twitter: @CMDNCollective)
j) Central Working –  (Twitter: @centralworking)
k) Center for Creative Collaboration –  (Twitter: @CFOURCC)
l) Forward –  (Twitter:@forwardtek)
m)  Impact Hub Westminster –  (Twitter: @hubwestminster)
n) Impact Hub Kings Cross –  (Twitter: @hubkingscross)
o) Impact Hub Islington –  (Twitter: @hubislington)
p) Co Labs London –  (Twitter: @colabslondon)
q) The Institute of Engineering and Technology –  (Twitter: @TheIET)
r) The Worshipful Company of IT Professionals:  (Twitter: @it_livery)
s) The Worshipful Company of Stationers (also do digital media): note: the site has been hacked at this point in time so don’t go there right now (Twitter: @MStationers)
t) The British Computing Society –  (Twitter: @bcs)
u) New Entrepreneurs Foundation – and the document  (Twitter: @Newentrefound)
v) Innovation Warehouse –  (Twitter: @IWuk and @IWLondon)
w)  LBI UK –  (Twitter: @lbilondon)
x) London Newcastle –  (Twitter: @londonewcastle)
y) Microsoft London –  (Twitter: @MicrosoftUK and @bizspark, Bizpark tweets in the UK as (@MSFTVenturesUK)

In relation to Microsoft and the London Tech Scene: Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (@MSFTVenturesUK) London 

z) Mozilla London – and  (Twitter: @MozLDN)
aa) Skype London – Skype, 2 Waterhouse Square, 140 Holborn, London, EC1N 2ST
ab) Facebook London – 42 Earlham Street WC2H 9LA
ac) Google London (not the campus) – Kings Cross London (2016)
-Google London
Belgrave House
76 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9TQ
-Google London
123 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 9SH
-Google London
1-13 St Giles High Street
London WC2H 8AG
ad) Twitter London – 10 Brock Street, London NW1 3FG
ae) Linkedin London – Charlotte Building, 17 Gresse Street, W1T 1QL and 4 Cavendish Square, City of Westminster, London W1G 0PG, London, W1G
af) Microsoft Enterprise London/Reading –  (Twitter: @MSFTBusinessUK)
ag) Startup Britain –  (Twitter: @StartUpBritain)
ah) Enterprise Nation –  (Twitter: @e_nation)
ai) Capital Enterprise –  (Twitter: @capenterprise)
aj) Shoredich Works –  (Twitter: @shoreditchworks)
ak) Skills Matter –  (Twitter: @skillsmatter)
al) The Cube London –  (Twitter: @THECUBELondon)
am) Wayra –  (Twitter: @Wayra and @WayraUK)
an) The Awesome Foundation:  (Twitter: @awesomefound)
ao) London Enterprise Panel:  (Twitter: @LondonLEP)
ap) Wired UK –  (Twitter: @WiredUK)
aq) Tech City Insider –  (Twitter: @techcityinsider)
ar) The Guardian: Technology Section –  (Twitter: @guardiantech)
as) Startup Digest Newsletter London –  (Twitter: @StartupDigest) Goldman Sachs 10000 Small Businesses Programme  (Twitter: @10KSBLon)
au) Tech Trail Blazers Awards (26 days to vote)-  (Twitter: @Techtrailblaze)
av) BT Innovation –  (Twitter: @BTIngenious)
aw) IBM Southbank –  (Twitter: @IBM_UK_news)
ax) South East Enterprise –  (Twitter: @SEEnewsandinfo)
ay) National Enterprise Network –  (Twitter: @NatEntNet)
az) British Library: Business and IP Centre –  (Twitter: @BIPC)
ba) Portabelo Business Center –
bb) Dinner with 9 others –  (Twitter: @9others)
bc) TableCrowd –  (Twitter: @TableCrowd)
bd) The Fetch London –  (Twitter: @thefetchLDN)
be) South East London Chamber of Commerce –  (Twitter: @SELondonChamber)
bf) School for Startups –  (Twitter: @s4s)
bg) Chelsea Enterprise Club –  (Twitter: @LGSotello)
bh) Tech Britain – (Twitter: @Tech_Britain)
bi) Tech City UK – (Twitter: @TechCityUK)
bk) UnLtd – (Twitter: @UnLtd)
bl) Smarta (Twitter @SmartaHQ)
2). Events related to Tech City London:
a) London Silicon Roundabout –
b) Silicon Drinkabout –
c) Kitten Camp –
d) Microsoft Get on Programme – Mainly for under 24 year olds, I asked if I could attend and they said yes and it was a great event, they are trying to make it happen monthly
e) London Hackspace Open Evenings –
f) London Hackspace Events –
g) Level 39 events –
h) Google Campus Events –
i) Rainmaking Loft Events –
j) Tech Hub Events –
k) 3-beards Events –
l) The Friday Sessions –
m) General Assembly Events –
n) Camden Collective Events –
o) Center for Collaboration Events – and
p) Forward Technology Events –
q) Hub Impact Westminster Events –
r) Hub Impact Kings Cross Events –
s) Hub Impact Islington Events –
t) Institute of Engineering and Technology Events –
u) Worshipful Company of IT Professionals Events –
v) BCS Events Page –
w) New Entrepreneurs First Events –
x) Goldman Sachs 10000 Small businesses events –
y) Innovation Warehouse Events –
z) Microsoft Enterprise Events –
aa) IBM UK Events –
ab) Start up Britain Events – and
ac) Enterprise Nation Events:
ad) Barclays Biz Chat seminars (@BarclaysBizChat)
ae) British Library Business and IP Centre Events –
af) Skills Matter Events on left hand side of page:
ag) The Cube London Events –
ai) Wayra Events –
aj) Dinner with 9 others Events –
ak) Table Crowd Events –
al) London Enterprise Panel Events –
am) London Open Coffee Events –
an) Wired Events –
ao) Startup Digest London Events:
ap) South-East Enterprise Courses – and networking
aq) School for Startups Events –
ar) Chelsea Enterprise Club Events –

3). Established lists of who is who in Tech City London
a )Tech City News Top 25 (I’ve met four of the people on this list) –
b) The Guardien, Tech City Who’s Who:

4). Accelerators/Incubators
a) Entrepreneurs First –  (Twitter: @EntreFirst)
b) Makers Academy –  (Twitter: @makersacademy)
c) Trampery –  (Twitter: @thetrampery)
d) Seedcamp –  (Twitter: @seedcamp)
e) The Bakery –!/  (Twitter: @TheBakeryLDN)
f) Spring Board –  (Twitter: @springboard)
g) Tech Stars –  (Twitter: @techstars)
h) Collider12 –  (Twitter: @Collider12)
i) Adam Street Club –  (Twitter: @AdamStreetClub)
j)  Club Workspace –  (Twitter: @clubworkspace)
k) Y Combinator –  (Twitter: @ycombinator)
l) Student Upstarts –  (Twitter: @StudentUpstarts)
m) Upstarts Connect –  (Twitter: @UpstartsConnect)
n) Iberbia Studios –  (Twitter: @iBurbia)
o) Accelerator Academy –  (Twitter: @XLR8Ruk)
p) O2 Workshop:  (Twitter: @O2Workshop_TCR)
q) Accelorator London  (Twitter: @AcceleratorUK)
r) Rich Mix –  (Twitter: @RichMixLondon)
s) Steer –  (Twitter: @teamSteer)
t) Built in London –  (Twitter: @BuiltInLondonCo)
u) Busworks –  (Twitter: @THEBUSWORKS)
v) The Hospital Club –  (Twitter: @TheHospitalClub)
w) White Bear Yard –  (Twitter: @whitebearyard)
x) Oxygen Accelerator –  (Twitter: @oxygenaccel)
y) Ignite 100 –  (Twitter: @ignite100)
z) City Meets Tech –  (Twitter: @citymeetstech)
aa) Microsoft Ventures Accelerator (@MSFTVenturesUK)


3 thoughts on “Post number three

  1. Pierre Vannier ✨ (@pierre_vannier)

    Congratulations for this awesome list !
    May I suggest you to add the following organizations ? – – (Twitter: @audienceio)
    StartupInstitute – – (Twitter: @StartupInst)
    Startup Kitchen – – (Twitter: @thestartupkitch)
    Tech City News – – (Twitter: @TechCityNews)

    Hope it helps. Also, it could help a lot to move this very helpful list on a kind of wiki page so that everybody could add relevant entries.

  2. Diane Perlman

    Hi Danielle,
    Thanks for putting this together. You might want to add Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London: (@MSFTVenturesUK)
    And BizSpark ( and on LinkedIn: BizSpark_UK (BizSpark UK is tweeting via the MS Ventures twitter above; the @BizSpark one you have mentioned under Microsoft London is a global twitter, rather than UK specific.)
    Startups Lead, Microsoft Ventures UK


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