Happy New Year!

So today another quick entry: I am off for new years with @OhioanInHackney and @doingsocial and I need to do some work related to my paid job. Oh, and I have a phone conversation with @JCI_Barnsley with regards to a charity event where participants live off £1 a day for food and donate the rest that they would normally spend on food to a charity.

So the thought of the day: MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course). Have you ever want to study at an Ivy League university for free? Have you ever wanted to further your education related to a certain subject? MOOCs are amazing platforms that allow you to do this. A word of warning each course will actually take the allotted amount of time per week to undertake and you do actually need to study and retain information in order to undertake the tests, but they seem like such an amazing idea.

MOOCs that I am aware of:
1). NovoEd – (@GoNovoEd) https://novoed.com/
2). EdX – (@edXOnline) https://www.edx.org/
3). Coursera – (@coursera) https://www.coursera.org/
4). Udacity – (@udacity) https://www.udacity.com/
6). Alison – (@ALISONcourses) http://alison.com/
7). Open Learning – (@openlrning) https://www.openlearning.com/
8). Canvas Network – (@canvasnet) https://www.canvas.net
9). Academic Earth – (@academicearth) http://academicearth.org/
10). FutureLearn – (@FutureLearn) https://www.futurelearn.com/ (this one appears more UK-specific)
11). Peer to Peer Univerisity – (@p2pu) https://p2pu.org/en/
12). Khan Academy – (@khanacademy) https://www.khanacademy.org/
13). Saylor.org – (@saylordotorg) http://www.saylor.org/
14). Udemy – (@udemy) https://www.udemy.com/
15). Iversity – (@iversity) https://iversity.org/

I myself have taken a few MOOC courses. I have undertaken and completed a large number of courses from ALISON related to UK HR, Health and Safety, the UK Workplace Disciplinary Process and more. I think that the reason ALISON was successful for me is that I could undertake the course all in one sitting and gain the certification there and then. I have tried some of the other MOOC platforms with less success, issues that I found include that there are specific start and end dates and specific due dates, for me this is more difficult to fit into my schedule and does not allow me to finish as much as I can in the time period that I want; after a short period of time (and re-evaluation of priorities) I have stopped all of the MOOCs other than ALISON that I have undertaken; according to Wikipedia this is not uncommon, typically there is a lower than 10% completion rate, quoting from Wikipedia: “In the course Bioelectricity, Fall 2012 at Duke University, 12,725 students enrolled, but only 7,761 ever watched a video, 3,658 attempted a quiz, 345 attempted the final exam, and 313 passed, earning a certificate.”

Perhaps along with Bikram Hot Yoga I should also try completing a non-Alison MOOC as a new year resolution?


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