We all make them, and I have had this blog for 8 days and already some mistakes have been pointed out to me. Personally, I think that this is great. I never thought that people would actually read this website, and I have received so much feedback and engagement (and the wordpress stats are not too bad), that I just wanted to say thanks again.

Anyway, I don’t have much time so here is a list of mistakes that I must correct; then it is time to write some proposals for @JCI_UK, more specifically @JCICanaryWharf, even more specifically @MichelaPascucci/@MichelaMeets for our meeting tomorrow.

1)The parade that I went to on New Years Day was not the Lord Mayor’s Show, that is held in November. Correct, @SaddlersCompany the parade that I went to was London’s New Year’s Day Parade (@Lnydp). I have now updated the twitter and website URL. 

2)See updated link for @BarclaysBizChat seminars at this link http://www.barclays.co.uk/getreadyThanks for the update on this link @NatEntNet. I have now updated that entry with the new twitter, name and website URL. 

3)You might want to add Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London: http://microsoftventures.com/Accelerators/London.aspx (@MSFTVenturesUK)
And BizSpark (www.bizspark.com and on LinkedIn: BizSpark_UK (BizSpark UK is tweeting via the MS Ventures twitter above; the @BizSpark one you have mentioned under Microsoft London is a global twitter, rather than UK specific.) Thanks @diane_perlman. It is good to know that UK-specific information. I have added Microsoft Ventures Accelerator London to the accelerators list as well as the Organisations related to Tech City London list.  I have also pointed out that BizSpark UK is tweeting via @MSFTVenturesUK.

4) Thank you for mentioning us in your blog. Could you please correct the date of our next event in your post? It’s on the 30th January. Thanks @CocoaClubEvent. I have now updated this information.

So yes, mistakes; we all make them. As I saw on a poster @makersacademy when I did a panel with @stemettes: 


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