I did not do an entry yesterday and I am supremely sorry.

Friday evening I met with @JCI_UK/@MichelaPascucci/@MichelaMeets at @Starbucks/@StarbucksUK/@starbucksnews/@starbucksstore/@starbucksgold/@mystarbucksidea/@tweetacoffee and we had an amazing long conversation which lasted over two hours about @JCICanaryWharf including business plans, leading a meeting and collaboration with a couple of other projects that I am currently involved with including @flossienet/ @Stemettes/@women2/@TEDx/@TED_TALKS/@TEDNews/@trello/@SavvyTechmums/@Dr_Black/@timebank/@OpenTechSchool/@citygateway/@Debate_Mate. Time flies when you talking about such interesting things Michela really is an amazing person.

Today there was also business, I had an amazing Google hangout with two other ladies who are involved with London Open Tech School, we discussed our first meeting and we are looking for a free space in London between the 20th-23rd of Jan, if anyone knows of a space or has any ideas, please let me know. Then met with Kriti, a lady with whom I did a panel with the Stemettes at the @makersacademy; Kriti has worked for @googleindia and is currently working in London’s Canary Wharf at @Barclays/@BarclaysOnline on the mobile payment platform. We met at @elliotscafe and over amazing food, connected in relation to building robots and London’s Tech Scene. She and I have committed to going to @londonhackspace together. She also let me know about the publications @TechCrunch and @HackerNews.

Then it was off to an old co-workers place for more lovely food and a dinner party.

Anyway; this coming week it looks to be rather submersed in the London Tech Scene. Monday two events at @campuslondon there is a @seedcamp and @siliconrounduk meeting. Tuesday going to a members only JCI meeting at Barkleys Head Office in Canary Wharf. Wednesday there is a free Digital Marketing Happy Hour at the @GA that I will try to attend and then Thursday there is a 3pm group @MozLDN/@webmaker/@mozilla/@MozTeach chat that I will attempt to attend at my lunch and then @Toastmasters at the @Citi/@Citibank bank Head Office in Canary Wharf. Finally Friday will be back at Google Campus moderating the London Women 2.0 @FounderFriday meeting with @packed_munches.

Sorry if the posts are fewer in the coming week but it looks as though business will ensue.


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