A great week so far.

Monday two meetings at Google Campus (@campuslondon). The first was with Seedcamp (@Seedcamp) and thought that I recognized someone. It was Carlos E. Espinal (@cee), who I had met before at a Women 2.0 (@women2) Founders Friday (@FounderFriday) event where Bindi Kari (@bindik) presented about her life journey from Canada to the UK and working with Silicon Valley Bank (@SVB_Financial). The second meeting was my first time attending London Silicon Roundabout (@siliconrounduk). I had heard so many positive things about it and now I can see why. I was able to connect with a number of amazing people and everyone was so open and engaging (I am looking at you @Jean_Nehme, @2210cameron @vincentdignan). Of course I had also chosen this evening to reconnect with a friend that I had not seen for a while and we hung around in the shadows for a large portion of the evening drinking free wine and talking about girl stuff.

Tuesday, was at Barclays head office (@Barclays) for a bit of @JCI_UK/@JCICanaryWharf action. The Barclay’s glee club was practicing in the room next door and was able to reconnect with some good people (@SimonAlexanderO, @lauriewang2, @MichelaPascucci, etc). We have some excitement in the works (@TEDx application has been submitted, Speed Networking upcoming, possible collaboration with @flossienet/ @Stemettes/@women2/@TEDx/@TED_TALKS/@TEDNews/@trello/@SavvyTechmums/@Dr_Black/@timebank/@OpenTechSchool/@citygateway/@Debate_Mate oh and I have to create and present a business plan and lead the next meeting…) so excitement there as well. Also met with a friend who works at the Financial Times (@FT/@FinancialTimes) for lunch at Starbucks (@StarbucksUK). Interesting discussion about immigration and getting information from people. This person works in relation to extracting information from Eastern European Finance Companies and then writes about it.

Today; went to @ga and have learned about their Digital Marketing 10 week Course. It seems to cater to people who want real tangible skills and something to add to their portfolio. The instructor (@carrozo) is obviously quite knowledgeable about the subject, and if you are looking for real skills this course would be the right fit. See more information here: https://generalassemb.ly/education/digital-marketing

Oh, and women: sign up for Women 2.0 (@women2) Founders Friday (@FounderFriday), I will be moderating the event this Friday at Google Campus (@campuslondon) there will be amazing women such as Laurie Wang (@lauriewang2) owner of http://www.lauriewang.com/ present at the event and we will have Yasmine Mahmoudieh of MyKidsy speaking (@Mahmoudieh_Arch/@mykidsy) along with drinks and food the link is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-20-founder-friday-london-tickets-9759453789

Edit added 09/01/2014: I completely forgot to add that Fiona Timba (@FiTimba) who is the founder of Packed Munches (@packed_munches) will also be moderating at the event tomorrow. So, yes; get your tickets before it is too late!!


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