Tonight moderated @women2 @founderfirst London meeting of 2014 with @FiTimba. Our presenter was @Mahmoudieh_Arch the Founder of @mykidsy. What an inspiration, how is it that the @women2 headquarters, which is located in America, can source such amazing speakers? Next month we must search for a new venue for @founderfriday as @campuslondon has been double-booked but we will be back @campuslondon the months following that, If anyone has a free venue that would be willing to host @women2 on the first Friday of Feb, it would be greatly appreciated. Then went off to @SiliconDrinkabt drinks after, which is run by @3_beards, at @farrockawayE1.

Anyway, in this entry I thought that I would briefly broach companies within the London Tech Scene that I have heard about and know about. I have met some fascinating people/organisations this week and so that I can sort them in my mind (and sort through the business cards) as well as get some information related to the notes that I have taken here is a list:

Three success stories that I have heard about the London Tech City:
1). Moo.com (@overheardatmoo) – Richard Moross (@richardmoross) is the CEO and founder of this amazing business card provider. I have to say that their promotion in the London Tech community is amazing, I have used them for my business cards and the service and packaging is second to none. I am slightly biased as they did provide TedxSquareMile (@tedx @tedxsquaremile) with some free and discounted cards (and I was the sponsorship member who secured that), but their customer service and ease of design and high quality printing really stands out from other business card providers. Moo promotes itself as a shoredich-based startup and it randomly appears in all of the right places: Christmas promotion in BoxPark Shoredich? TedxSquareMile? Yes! They are certainly one of the London Tech Scene Startup crowd. Here is a great article about them taken from the Happy Startup School wordpress: http://thehappystartupschool.wordpress.com/2013/01/13/moo-who-a-remarkable-startup-story/

2). Mindcandy (@MindCandy) http://www.theguardian.com/media/2011/jul/17/mind-candy-monster-silicon-roundabout, these are the guys who are behind (@MoshiMonsters). They are also based in Shorditch, and have won awards from the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (@BVCA) Taken from Wikipedia: “Mind Candy is based in Bonhill Street, Old Street, London in an area that has become known as London’s “Silicon Roundabout”, due to the high density of digital and tech businesses. The UK Government’s Tech City initiative also focuses on this area. Smith founded regular networking events in the area, including Silicon Drinkabout- a casual networking event for local businesses.” The Moshi Monster empire has music, video games as well as a Facebook-type of social media for children.

3). Huddle (@huddle) (http://www.huddle.com/) Co-founders: (@alimitchell) (@Bandrew); see more on Huddle in the wikipedia article here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huddle_(software), Huddle is essentially a collaboration platform that is even used by the British Government, to see an interesting article on Huddle check out the following link: http://www.nmk.co.uk/article/2010/8/5/a-very-british-success-story-interview-with-huddle-net

The ones heard about this week:
1). Touch Surgery (http://www.touch-surgery.com/) (@TouchSurgery) – Met one of the founders @campuslondon on Monday; do you want to practice your surgical skills on your telephone, that is what this product can help you to do. I was warned not to use this if I am squeamish. The product appears to be doing very well, and it is promising.
2). Saberr (http://www.saberr.com/) (@saberruk) This increases workforce optimisation. My favorite quote from when this person spoke was:”there is a high corrilation between us and success.” You can sign up for the Beta version.
3). Poq Studio (http://poqstudio.com/) (@poqstudio) Can’t help but notice that BoxPark is also present on this website, Poq is a mobile commerce platform for fashion retailers, allowing you to quickly sell on mobile
4). Editd London – (http://editd.com/) (@EDITD) Started in London and based close to Farringdon, Edtd allows you to track the market in the apparel industry in real time using big data.
5). DataSift – (@datasift) (http://datasift.com/) – A social data platform which allows actionable informational outputs related to social media and other sources.
6). The Hub Dot London – (@thehubdot) (http://thehubdot.com/) a women-specific networking group where you can choose a color dot to communicate how you would like to network in the face to face networking sessions, I think that this sounds fascinating and I am going to endeavor to make their next event which is on 12th February 2014 Tickets here: http://thehubdot.com/event-registration/?ee=6 they are £10, but I may make an exception to my paying nothing for networking as I spoke with the lady who has founded this company at Women 2.0 and it sounds fascinating. I have now bought my ticket for this event.
7). My Beauty Compare – (http://mybeautycompare.com/) (@MyBeautyCompare) I met the founder at women 2.0, amazing woman, what an inspiration! This site is very professional and user-friendly and I challenge anyone to just look at it and not be impressed. Serviously, just click on the link.
8). MyKidsy – (see twitter and contact information above) The founder of this company was the speaker at Women 2.0 and she is a force to be reckoned with. Originally an architect and currently an internally acclaimed teacher she is a brilliant role-model with an awesome product. It provides a one-stop-shop for children’s activities.
9). Project better.me – (http://www.projectbetter.me/) I met one of the founders of this company at Women 2.0 where he was stating that they require a female co-founder; women, if you are interested get into contact with them.
10). 2210 (http://www.cameron2210.com/) (@2210cameron) – Met the founder of this organisation @campuslondon Tech City London has written an article calling him one of this season’s five fashion trend setters: http://techcitynews.com/2013/09/12/this-seasons-five-fashion-tech-trendsetters/ ; 2210 is not yet live.
11). Planet Ivy – (http://planetivy.com/) (@Planet_Ivy) (@vincentdignan) If you are in their demographic and you don’t yet know about Planet Ivy yet, you will. Check them out.

And please check out my guest blog on Entrepreneur First Website (@EntreFirst) related to Code First (@Alicebentinck) here: http://www.codefirstgirls.org.uk/1/post/2014/01/code-first-girls-has-opened-the-doors-of-the-whole-london-startupscene-for-me.html

Anyway, that is it for tonight, I am looking forward to the weekend: dinner parties, Hot Bikram Yoga, getting together in person with the London Open Tech School (@OpenTechSchool) team, and the Science Grrl (@Science_Grrl) team. Bring it on 🙂


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