So, a bit of a catch up since last I wrote:

Sat 11th: Went to @Science_Grrl get together at @ArupGroup @ArupThoughts (the guys who include the @LondonGherkin and @TheShardLondon in their portfolio), the discussions were far-ranging and included @WOWtweetUK @TechnopopLondon @IndrayaniG @elliecosgrave @J_DoubleS @annazecharia @soya_b, I only made it for the last half hour of the meeting where they had broken out into three groups and then fed back to the group regarding different initiatives. They also had a sign up sheet for a number of different initiatives that we could get involved with. I put my name on quite a few. Then went to @alidatassone’s new flat party.

Sun 12th: So I tried @hotbikramyoga for the first time today with @OhioanInHackney then it was off to the planning group of the first meeting for the London group of @OpenTechSchool with @vikkiread and @coderinheels; get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/opentechschool-london-tickets-10138465423

Monday 13th I was at @cibc London Office as I am on the board of the Maple Leaf Trust Ball: http://mapleleafball.org/ which is being held this year @TheSavoyLondon then I went to @campuslondon to see a presentation on Crowdfunding which included @nicklevine, of @crowdcube; @simondixontwitt of @BankToTheFuture; @buro9 of @microco_sm; @Andrewmcdonough of @Tribesports and @jonathanlea of @pivotaltribes learned much.

Tuesday 14th I was at @londonhackspace with good friend Kriti (the one who built a robot while she was working at @googleindia that fetched her @SnickersUK bars and with whom I was on an @Stemettes panel @makersacademy; where we are incidentally holding our first meeting of @OpenTechSchool) we were shown around by another robotics person @mentarus; and now I would like to hack a roomba with @arduino.

Wednesday 15th went to @Level39CW for a collaboration/networking meeting for @GEP_Alumni which included representatives from @clearlyso and @Ashoka (@juliakoskella) There were also government officials in the house from the @UKTI and @SiriusProgramme and which included: @UKTI_CEO and @HarveenC I bought my entrepreneurial friend @FiTimba of @packed_munches and she has written the following post about her experience at the event: http://fionainwonderland.com/2014/01/16/networking-styles-and-level-39/

Today catching up with all of my business cards and projects that I am working on and tomorrow it looks like excitement as @hungrykiwilady and I will venture into the London Tech Scene and go to @emergelab Emerge Education’s Kick Off Party and @3_Beards (@imhobson @JoeScarboro @Bryce_Keane @kplattret) @SiliconDrinkabt at @WayraUK.

So, yes; exciting events that everyone should sign up for:

1). Next @FounderFriday from @women2 which will take place on Feb 7th @TheBakeryLDN Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/women-20-founder-friday-london-tickets-10172406943

2). First London @OpenTechSchool which will take place @makersacademy on Jan 21st Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/opentechschool-london-tickets-10138465423

3). @lauriewang2 who works for @OgilvyOne is putting on an event at the London Chamber of Commerce @londonchamber (thanks @hiwotwolde for the connection) for Women in the Digital Space on Thursday Feb 6th, get tickets here: http://www.meetup.com/ladiesindigital/events/160192442/

4). @lauriewang2’s partner @SimonAlexanderO is putting on an event @barclays head office in Canary Wharf regarding making 2014 your best year on January 22, get tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/make-2014-your-best-year-yet-tickets-10139839533

5) And of course a shout-out to @jcinews @JCI_UK @JCI_London @JCICanaryWharf with @theimrit12 @MichelaPascucci; JCI Canary Wharf is having a Coffee Blend networking session at Canary Wharf Starbucks on the morning of Jan 28th, get tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/coffee-blend-network-with-professionals-in-canary-wharf-tickets-10175054863?aff=eorg


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