21st Jan: First meeting of London Open Tech School (@OpenTechSchool) with the lovely ladies Vicky and Gen (@vikkiread, @coderinheels ); met @makersacademy, which is a great venue and also interacted with some of the students who are taking the intensive 12 week program and learning to code. I first learned about Makers Academy @mozillafestival and they were offering a scholarship to women to learn how to code (they wanted me to go through the application process). They still offer a £500 scholarship if you are a women (as of the writing of this blog post). I am not sure if the full scholarship still exists. The first meeting of Open Tech School was great, after we went to The Queen of Hoxton (@_QueenOfHoxton_), I have heard about this venue before, but it really is quite awesome; they cook food on the upstairs veranda and I ordered stew and mulled punch, they also having a origami class and the veranda is under a ti-pi.

22nd Jan: So Women in Wireless (@WiWLondon) had an amazing event @TheBakeryLDN, little did I know that the Bakery and Makers Academy are in the same building in the silicon roundabout! The Bakery is a lovely venue, and I met with a friend that I had met at a @Debate_Mate event at BT (@bt_uk). The presenter @DrNerina had some interesting comments on living in these technological times. I also met some of the wildly intelligent ladies of @swiftkey and @jamietolentino so much talent in so little space, thanks @hungrykiwilady for getting us the tickets for this event!

23rd Jan: First day back @Level39CW for the second term of @CodeFirstGirls by @EntreFirst and @MaddieNoz is also in the class 🙂 This is interesting; The origins of Code First: Girls explained by @alicebentinck http://buff.ly/1aE0ZvY. We started on ruby, the very basics, but it looks like it will be incredibly useful.

24th Jan: Friday; First, I was back at @Level39CW to meet with one of the co-founders of @ringpay. A woman in tech and an inspiration, she actually showed me the tech, it looks phenomenal and world changing. Then sprinted over to @StarbucksUK to meet with @MichelaMeets @MichelaPascucci and met with a representative from @timebank related to @JCICanaryWharf collaboration. This looks very promising. Then went over to @southbankcentre at the Royal Festival Hall for @WOWtweetUK preview saw some @Science_Grrl people, including @annazecharia

25th Jan: All day training with @JCICanaryWharf @JCI_London @JCI_UK @jci; inspiration.

26th Jan: Catch up with the @OpenTechSchool girls; discovered @Polldaddy, awesome.

27th Jan: Back at @HouseofCommons @UKHouseofLords for a debate on “Democracy and the Corporation” I have to say that there were some awesome quotes and two were from Janet Williamson: 1). ~ we should work within the entities that already exist in order to bring forward ideas (larger numbers and more of a voice) 2). ~ we should never turn down an edible, non-poisonous crumb (metaphor for opportunity)

28th Jan: Went to Canary Wharf and met with @MonicaMillares who works within a large corporate environment, recently she has been on the radio and television for ideas related to @enerlaugh. Our conversation was related to life hacking, yoga and meditation. Our conclusion was that regardless of context, personal and subjective well-being is important. Read Monica’s Huffington Post article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/monica-millares/mindfulness-in-banking-new-leaderships-styles_b_4090861.html

29th Jan: @campuslondon for a workshop on ‘Innovating with Data & Analytics: building new products & services” and saw two people from @Stemettes!! David White, from @importio, gave the Key Note and was on the panel.

30th Jan: Went to @MicrosoftUK London Victoria Head Office this morning, then @EntreFirst @CodeFirstGirls @Level39CW for coding class (second class, second term), then @thebankerlondon. I have to say that ruby is getting a lot more interesting. So we forked/cloned (whatever the technical term is) some code/repo (term?) from github and created these forms that asked for age and name and if you put in an age of higher than 18 then the page went to text that said you were allowed beer and if you put less then 18 then the page went to text that said you were not allowed beer. Then we changed everything and instead of directing to text we directed to completely different pages on which we changed the code so that it displayed in interesting ways. It was fun. Oh yeah, I am now the Campus Ambassador for Code First Girls!

Then it was today (31st Jan); last day of Jan 2014: Went to @LambethRegen event @lambeth_council where I spoke with every single entity and stall there and participated in some speed mentoring; so many interesting a profitable opportunities abound in Lambeth; also a great presentation by @ChukaUmunna I learned about and connected with @CanaryWharfPLC which is involved in a super-exciting plan for the Shell Center (http://www.canarywharf.com/workwithus/Construction/Projects/Current-Projects/Shell-Centre-/) and @NineElmsTeam which is working on a super-exciting project in Vauxhall (http://www.nineelmslondon.com/), learned a heck of a lot. Oh an they are creating a new work Hub in the basement of the Lambeth Town Hall; I was able to see the space and it looks very promising.


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