So a bit of a catch up related to the last week.

Saturday Feb 1st – Spent the day relaxing and catching up with a variety of interesting things, such as getting together on the 11th with @MonicaMillares and @jamietolentino at @elliotscafe who both have written for @HuffingtonPost; as well as, @FiTimba of @packed_munches and @artimsharma of @women2 with regards to @women2.

Sunday Feb 2nd – Went to @elliotscafe, located @TeamLondonBdg to meet with @alidatassone for Brunch, however Elliots was closed so we met at @WrightBrosLDN Oyster bar. I have found another new favorite place! I tried one of the most expensive oysters on the house, a Canadian raw oyster with some shallot-vinegar dressing and it was simply heaven. Both Alida and I had the small portion of mussels with plenty of freshly baked bread and then I had the Creme Brulee and Alida had the freshly made chocolate truffles, it was delicious! I hope to go back there soon. I went on about being Canadian and the oyster shucker gave me the oyster on the house :).

Monday Feb 3rd – Had a few options, but decided that going home and working on a few things for @JCICanaryWharf and our speed networking event; as well as our @timebank Engage collaboration, would be a better use of my time.

Tuesday Feb 4th – Went to the head office of @Barclays in Canary Wharf with @MichelaPascucci, @theimrit1 and @DexterDash and others for JCI Canary Wharf meeting. Many projects discussed and caught up on.

Wednesday Feb 5th – Met my local ward Councillor @PhilipRead1 as I am trying to learn more about the local area that I have moved into. This was a quasi-suggestion by my MP when I met her (@tpearce003) and I am trying to learn as much as I can regarding where I reside.

Thursday Feb 6th – Third of six classes that I have at @Level39CW with @CodeFirstGirls though @EntreFirst; where I am currently in contact with @MaddieNoz with regards to being Campus Ambassador (a role that I have taken on). We continued our lesson on Ruby using Sublime and created forms and had fun with a few viral sites.

Friday Feb 7th – So it was that time again and this month Woman 2.0 was at @TheBakeryLDN; it was great to meet some very interesting ladies (and a gentleman) at the event: @a_n_ford @juliemarkham @jyotiramnath @pmunds and our speaker this month was @NidhimaKohli Founder of @MyBeautyCompareSilicon then went to @SiliconDrinkabt by @3_Beards which started at @JonesShoreditch where I met with @EpilepticMC @OhioanInHackney @davestone @getketch @WilliamEdHarvey @rehabstudio @SamuelCox @kplattret; it was a pretty epic evening with lots of awesome London Tech city connections.

Saturday Feb 8th – As the last train back home left early on Friday, I had slept in Canary Wharf at a friend’s house, we had originally planned to go to @TheBrekkyClub close to Oxford Station in SoHo, however the three other appeared to also have some rather epic Friday nights, and cancelled so we went to the Canary Wharf station @Carluccioscaffe and I had a mushroom fritata and an amazing chocolate/espresso/cream drink. Then it was off home to work on a variety of things.

Sunday Feb 9th – So right now I am in London at @StarbucksUK catching up on a variety of things (like this blog). Lots of exciting plans for this coming week. But I will write about that later.


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