Goes Viral!

Here is what has been going on:

Sunday Feb 9th – So the first assignment for my @Stanford MOOC through @GoNovoEd by Dr. Chuck Eesley (@eesley) on Entrepreneurship was due today. The assignment was on “Why do some startups succeed when others fail?” I wrote my answer on @overheardatmoo And I will place my entry at the bottom of this entry for your reading pleasure (feedback appreciated). I have now decided to test a couple of different MOOC platforms and I am also taking an @umich MOOC on Internet History, Technology, and Security through @coursera by Dr Chuck (@drchuck); an @UW MOOC on public speaking through @edXOnline by Dr. Matt McGarrity (@McGarrityMatt); and, an @ALISONcourses MOOC on “Developing Business Ideas The Google Way” which also contains a number of informative lectures by @marissamayer. Alison is also supported by @BritishCouncil @google and @Microsoft.

Monday Feb 10th – Came home and worked.

Tuesday Feb 11th – After having gone to @elliotscafe with Kriti, I decided that it has become my new go-to place and joined @MonicaMillares and @jamietolentino for dinner there. The food was delicious once again and there was excellent service. Discussions were interesting and far-ranging both have written for @HuffingtonPost

Wednesday Feb 12th – Heard a lot about @CityUnruly, which bills itself as “Tech City’s free pop-up university courtesy of @cassinthenews @unrulymedia and @CityUniLondon” This was the first of Four inter-related sessions intended to help develop an effective, low-cost marketing start-up strategy. This first lesson revolved around social media and was put on by Dr Ernesto Priego (@ernestopriego) of City University London. I also met some awesome ladies, shoutout to: @SuriSerendipity @meganwaples @BioStew

Thursday Feb 13th – This evening was spent in the accelerator @Level39CW; first I aquired my yummy sushi from @Wasabi_UK (you can take the girl out of Japan but you can never take the Japan out of the girl) and then had @CodeFirstGirls (@EntreFirst, @Alicebentinck, @matthewclifford) class with @daniinebot. After I met with @Julia_PR_ and Cristina of @ringpay which is also located in Level 39.

Friday Feb 14th – Vday, thanks @wagamama_uk for the tasty noms.

Saturday Feb 15th – Stayed at home and relaxed.

Sunday Feb 16th – Took a journey to @HarshaPatel_ ‘s place for a most amazing lunch. We had been to @Dishoom previously for dinner which I have to recommend very highly, event though the queues can be very long, they are worth it for amazing food. But I have to say that Harsha’s homemade food was way better! And she had even made an amazing vegetarian panacotta with apple and mango from scratch, which tasted amazing! Talk about talent! I also may have registered my first company with @CompaniesHouse so I’m a CEO now. Cool.

Monday Feb 17th – The first London meeting of Open Tech School (@OpenTechSchool) where we are teaching/learning HTML and CSS; this took place in @skillsmatter and it would not have been possible without the awesome @coderinheels and @vikkiread

Tuesday Feb 18th – Home and worked.

Wednesday Feb 19th – This was the second of the Four inter-related sessions intended to help develop an effective, low-cost marketing start-up strategy where we were learning about story-telling in the digital age. Another really helpful and educating lesson and I can only have praise for this endeavor. Teacher: @MANSchumann owner of @alicespig

Thursday Feb 20th – Went to @PizzaExpress for well-deserved tasty noms. Did not disappoint and I can now highly recommend the under 350 calories Leggera Superfood Salad which has cheese and cucumber and squash and roast chicken; it is super tasty and healthy.

Friday Feb 21st – Went to @tweetsheaf.

Saturday Feb 22nd – Weekend and catch up!

Sunday Feb 23rd – More Weekend and catch up!

And here is the assignment that I wrote about at the start of this entry:
Describe the business: produces/prints business cards, they started as a small local start-up business in East London and are now one of the London Start-up Scene’s success stories, becoming an international organisation. They are used extensively in the London and international start-up scene by and also provide business cards for larger organisations. They also have a start-up toolkit located at:

Five reasons that is successful:

1). They are firmly entrenched within the community that they sell to and they are aware of the demographic to which they are selling. They were a start up and they sell to entrepreneurs and start ups. They also sponsor many events at which the start up crowd will attend.
2). They have a unique selling point in that they provide loss leaders (very cheap business cards) as a perk and then once the buyer finds that the product is a good one, the buyer will buy the product at a normal, higher, price.
3). They have a very strong and unique brand identity.
4). Their customer support/engagement is second to none.
5). Their product is shared among people and is a tangible item and therefore is spoken about when passed around and utilized again and again. The supply needs to be topped up so customer need is continuous.


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