March 2nd – So after the success of the first two workshops of Open Tech School (@OpenTechSchool, @OTS_LONDON) which took place at the lovely Skills Matter venue (@skillsmatter); the three organizers of Open Tech School London (@coderinheels and @vikkiread) met at Starbucks (@StarbucksUK @Starbucks) to discuss and take notes. We have thought about what we will be doing next so keep an eye on http://www.meetup.com/opentechschool-london/. Two-hundred and seventy-one members so far, thanks for the positive twitter comments, @s_j_champion and @TanyaOCarroll.

March 3rd – Came home to work on the @CityUnruly pitch that I would be presenting at Unruly Media (@unrulymedia) to people from @cassinthenews @CityUniLondon @alicespig using info learned from them and @sarahfwood @Mangal2 @Budweiser @ernestopriego with other amazing ideas from: @DiceMcCairn, @SuriSerendipity, @SpringyThingy on the 5th as I was busy on the 4th. By the way, I was pitching TCB LTD, see the title of this website to see the reason for this acronym.

March 4th – Went to the @angelacademe meeting which took place @thomsonreuters office close to Old Street. Caught up with @OhioanInHackney and @walthot. I had to use an office for my telephone call with @tonyrobbins representative as I will be on the Tony Robbins Crew for when he is in the UK doing his Unleash the Power Within tour 21st-24th of March. At the Angel Academe event there were some very interesting pitches including @sheblah from @libertinewomen. Also there was a catch-up from a group who had pitched at the last Angel Academe event @buddybouncehq @buddybounce which is a @wayrauk accelerated music startup.

March 5th – Pitch pitchy pitch pitch. I pitched. Awesome feedback. Thanks. :).

March 6th – Met @EsterBAlonso who works at BT (@BTIngenious); went to @1ookmumnohands close to Old Street and had a long-ranging conversation. Then went to the “It Starts with a Spark” event at @DecodedCo put on by @MSFTVenturesUK and met up with @hungrykiwilady @johnbonmartin @jamietolentino @caitiewrites where we then retired to @Eagle_Hoxton.

March 7th – First Friday of the month and therefore Founders Friday (@FounderFriday) with Women 2.0 (@Women2) which is partnered with @GoogleForEntrep which took place at @TheBakeryLDN (thanks again guys!); the awesome team of volunteers included @SuriSerendipity and @jamietolentino; we had a very wonderful speaker in @ajalison of @InstaEDU I even met two of the founders from The Bakery including @trafficdigital and then went to silicon drinkabout (@SiliconDrinkabt) which took place at Google Campus (@campuslondon) met and spoke with the Jonanthan Lea in person (@jonleanetwork of @pivotaltribes @jonathanlea), his next event will be on monetizing online content (http://techcitynews.com/event/monetising-online-content/) relevant, no?

March 8th – Relaxed and caught up with stuff. Also International Women’s Day.

March 9th – Today. I was at @uclnews with many @JCI_London people, actually I think that I may have been the only @JCICanaryWharf person there, but I was asked by @AIESECUCLSOAS to mentor with their @LDNdreamcatcher event. Let me say that it was amazingly put together, really well done. Amazing and inspiring speakers included: @UrbnLawyer, @MissOwusu, @simonjack_says, @DexterDash, @dita4all, @6W2X; and the campus of UCL (University College London) is beautiful.

This coming week? Meeting my local Councillor @PhilipRead1 and citizen’s group Monday. Then? We will see.


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