Another busy and interesting week.

Monday March 10th – Northumberland Heath Community Forum Meeting with local area Councillor @PhilipRead1 which took place at Erith Secondary School (@erith_school) a really lovely school with amazing resources and a lovely campus, the campus also hosts Erith Air Force Cadets (@1579SqnATC) and has strong connections with Erith Rotary International (@rotary). Really inspired by the active citizens of this group and about having a forum so that the voice of the public can be heard by those with political power. In my opinion, and I could be wrong, but I think that the forum could easily grow and have more members coming to the meetings if it were marketed to the community more strongly. The potential for the group is great and I am looking forward to getting more involved.

Tuesday March 11th – Caught up on quite a bit on this day. Then went to Canary Wharf (@yourcanarywharf) and met with @MonicaMillares and we went for lovely food which included Dim Sum, mango juice and Pad Thai, so lovely and fresh Monica is such an inspiration and told me about the progress of @enerlaugh and @BarclaysOnline/@Barclays. Then went to a more northern part of London to @TheCanonbury where live Jazz was being played and met with @AlexJoyAuthor and caught up on her exciting life and I may be going to Russia in May.

Wednesday March 12th – Met with Egle who is a member of @JCI_UK (@JCI_London rather than @JCICanaryWharf) for a lovely Fresh Mint Tea at @quarter_bar in @LondBridgeHotel; the service there is lovely and I would highly recommend the venue she told me about a number of different business ideas and one company that she is working for and I suggested @LeanInOrg by @sherylsandberg which she would like to borrow next week.

Thursday March 13th – Spoke with total inspiration @Dr_Black of @uclnews Department of Computer Science for the first time with regards to @SavvyTechmums. Dr Black was actually in the States and I have learned so much about her and the #Techmums program, I was so honored to speak with her with regards to this amazing initiative.

Friday March 14th – Started the day with mentoring with @AppsforGoodCDI, inspirational teacher and inspiring students. Great questions including what are the current trends in Apps (my answer was not to think about the trends but instead undertake a SWOT analysis and figure out your competition and threats and then differentiate your app from that which is already available) and can I make money from my app (my answer was yes then I went into a tangent about monetisation and marketing as well as partnering with charities in order to establish credibility for the app and increase awareness) and are there any organisations that we can learn more about building apps and coding (my answer was yes and I spoke about OpenTechSchool @OpenTechSchool/@OTS_LONDON ) and why would women specifically wish to learn about coding/computers/apps/tech (I spoke about the statistics that only 13% of those in Tech careers are Women and how empowering tech is and how knowing what goes on behind the scenes and then how to manipulate that is empowering, I also spoke about how learning about tech will help in all roles including those which is traditionally female careers and increase earning potential, and of course I spoke about Women 2.0 @women2) Then went to @LBS @LBS_Life Wine tasting event with @elybuk and @meganwaples where we tried sparkling Sake, regular Sake, Shoju and Baiju. I have to admit that before that evening, even though I have lived in Japan for 8 months I had only ever had Sake produced in Califoria and had never even tried Shoju. A great evening that was very informative.

Saturday March 15th – So this morning had a very exciting chat with @Woman2 with regards to re-branding and increasing the team size the London Women 2.0 team. Caught up with quite a few things and then met @ringpay and @Julia_PR_ at @WorkshopCoffee close to Bond Street. Great catchups with regards to @cebit and pitching at @campuslondon. Then went to @MuswellHillN10 to meet with my Canadian Highschool friends @ByngGreyGhosts @byngathletics @youbc @ubcnews @ubcaplaceofmind alumni who also live in London.

And coming up? We will see.


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