So today was training for @tonyrobbins at the Excell (@excellondon). I met with @MonicaMillares and we had firewalk training. There were an abundance of north american accents and high energy and it reminded me a bit of home.

It got me to thinking. Motivational speakers and motivational texts. Who are they? What do they tell us to do? How do they inspire us?

During the journey of personal and professional development I have reached out to many for helpful and interesting texts and speakers and these are a few that I have read and listened to and learned from. Let me preface by saying, every single one is flawed in some way. For example Sheryl Sandberg (@sherylsandberg) in @LeanInOrg does not speak on behalf of “Woman Kind” as some people complain she speaks about her own experience and The Secret (@the_secret_uk) is based on an earlier book Think and Grow Rich (@ThinkGrowRiches) by @Napoleon_Hill which is in turn based on the Pigmalion Theory. But I digress. The following are helpful, motivational and educational. As I was told by a very brilliant lady, the body is the mechanics and the mind is the software. Program your software well with nourishing thoughts, motivational quotes, motivational texts and motivational speakers during the good times so that in times of stress it can nourish and sustain you. Look for opportunities, meditate, embrace uncertainty, look for serendipity, learn from others and re-frame what can be defined as failure. There is no failure, only learning experiences.

Anyway; still within the London context here are some authors, texts, speakers, organisations, activities, groups, opportunities etc; that can help with mindset:
-Tony Robbins Foundation (@AR_Foundation) I found out about this today and it sounds awesome
-Open Society (@OpenSociety) I also found out about this today and it sounds awesome
-Yes Group (@YesGroupLondon) (@weliketotalk) I have heard about this before, it is kind of like a monthly dose of Tony Robbins-related motivation in London
-Pony Express (@_PONYexpress) I had hear about this in the past from a friend who has taken part (@Spennis)
-Life Clubs (@LifeClubs)
-Laughter Yoga (@enerlaugh) My friend at the Tony Robbins event has told me about this before and it is something that I would like to try
-Bikram Hot Yoga (@hotbikramyoga) I have tried this and highly recommend this
-YMCA (@YMCA_England) This is a world-wide organisation, I have used it in Canada for martial arts classes and I was a member while working for Private Equity International (@PEI_news) and would go there for amazing Spin, Yoga, Legs Bums and Tums, and other workouts at lunch.
-The Gym Group (@TheGymGroup) I was a member of the one in Vauxhall when I worked at Link Financial.
-Whole Foods (@WFMLondon) All I have to say is that I am from Vancouver in Canada and much shopping for food was done here, some of my friends had their first jobs there. I have only been to the high street Kensington one in London, perhaps I should check out the others.
-Tedx (@TEDx) I was involved with TedxSquareMile (@TEDxSquareMile) last year and this year helping to put together the Tedx Canary Wharf team, the first meeting will be taking place soon.
-JCI (@JCICanaryWharf) (@JCI_London) I usually talk about JCI in my blog. Amazing organisation that empowers youth (ages 20’s-30’s). Located at @londonchamber and @BarclaysOnline.
-Inner Space (@inner_space) I can only say good things about this organisation. They run free classes in Covent Garden and I have done most of those courses: prioritisation, meditation, etc.
-Women 2.0: (@women2) An organisation that is partnered with @GoogleForEntrep (@GoogleUK) and takes place at @campuslondon and @TheBakeryLDN and the next one will take place at @RainmakingLoft.

And I have heard from a few people recently with regards to the following as well; I am thinking of joining one or more as a rep as an additional income stream as I have been thinking about Robert T. Kiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki)’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad and how he keeps discussing business and property as additional forms of income:
-Arbonne (@arbonne)
-Party Lites (@PartyLite)
-Body Shop (@TheBodyShopUK) They have the Body Shop at home range.
-Avon (@Avon_UK) International, learned about it in Canada.
-Monetizing TCB LTD which I am CEO of and it is registered with Company House; maybe I need to hire a social media person from elance (@Elance) and populate my TCB LTD hootsuite (@hootsuite): twitter (@twitter), vine (@vineapp), linkedin (@LinkedIn) group, meetup group (@Meetup), youtube (@YouTube), instagram (@instagram), eventbrite (Eventbrite Verified account
@eventbrite), hm. Ideas. I really have had positive experiences with elance in the past and could see that as an option moving forward
-Also perhaps I should reach out with regards to creating a logo and/or brand for TCB LTD.
-Property/renting the spare room


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