So back in Brussels (@visitbrussels), it has been a while. The last little while has also bee quite busy; let me explain:

Thursday March 20- Monday March 24 – So, was at the @tonyrobbins Unleash the Power Within from March 20-March 24 @excellondon. Met some amazing people including: @PaddyHonan1 @stevewoody82 @ClaireBrummell @Cvc4v @DEPROFmechelen @truebrandie and was quite uplifted and inspired. We had a fire walk on the first day and it was a great metaphor for fear. Second day I was with the security guards flanking Robbins on stage and when he went into the audience.

Tuesday March 25 – I was scheduled to meet with the ladies of @Vastariupdate, which bills itself as the global network for collectors and curators about exhibition loans. They are living the dream, working out of @centralworking and @hungrykiwilady had awesomely arranged a meeting between all of us (including @martasia13 and @bjkbrocker). Then I found out that I was due to attend and awards ceremony/affiniation party with @JCICanaryWharf at @Tomptheattic with @MichelaPascucci, @DexterDash, @JCI_London, @JCI_UK, @theimrit12, @RafT2100, @SimonAlexanderO, @leenasavjani, @Spennis, @LaurieWang_. I got an award for excellence in connecting JCI Canary Wharf with our community project which is a @timebank initiative in Tower Hamlets called Engage.

Wednesday March 26 – @hungrykiwilady contacted to let know that the ladies she had met of @Vastariupdate were available to be speakers @RainmakingLoft for the next @women2 @W2citymeetup in London (April 3rd). I quickly contacted head office in America and next thing that I knew the @eventbrite page was updated with the speakers names. We will also have @ChelleRegner of @DesksNearMe speaking remotely from Silicon Valley.

Right so actually on Wednesday March 26 I met with two very interesting ladies. At lunch went to @StarbucksUK and met with the wildly inspirational @Dr_Black of @SavvyTechmums. I have been following #Techmoms for a while and think that it is such great initiative. I thought that I wouldn’t recognize her but she walked into the starbucks with bright pink hair and I couldn’t help but hug her, a woman after my own heart (my hair has been pink, green, purple etc). Here is her blog: and here is more about her: she is like, totally cool. I was so awe-struck that she would actually meet with me and I feel really honored.

The second person that I met was @mailmoreton, AKA Judith, a real live @ukti Deal Maker. In the startup and entrepreneurial scene in London these mythical individuals are discussed but rarely encountered. As I learned from Judith, there are 12 in the UK and they all must have sold a business and currently be involved with running another business. She runs a private airline. Once again I was blown away that such a high-caliber lady would meet with me and I was honored that she shared her journey and actually engaged with my story as well. We met @TheOfficeGroup and she told me about the @GEP_Alumni program. It is very interesting. My other experiences with UKTI includes the @SiriusProgramme (hey @HarveenC) and @alexdunsdon from @TheBakeryLDN.

Thursday March 27th – Went to a wine tasting/investment event @Level39CW with a good friend who works @CiscoUKI. It has been a while since my last class there with the @EntreFirst class @CodeFirstGirls and it was nice to be back. Ecosystem Development Manager @Adizah_Tejani and I have also been attempting to connect for a while so I dropped in and said hi (and learned about her love of @Skittles). I was also able to grab coffee in the pantry with their spiffy I-pad coffee machine and connect with Cristina of @ringpay and a couple of her mentors. The event was hosted by @Seedrs and @humblegrape. Previously, while I was at a @thomsonreuters @angelacademe event, I actually discovered Seedrs and that through them anyone can be an Angel Investor. So I became an Angel Investor through Seedrs but the company that I invested in (a 3-d printed jewelery/lifestyle company) did not reach its target so I had the amount that I had invested originally on the 3-d printing company as a credit in my account. So now that amount is invested in @humblegrape.

Friday March 27th – Took an evening @Eurostar through France to Belgium. Ended up in Brussels, slept.

Sat March 28th – @atomium, @Manneken__pis, Waffles, Chocolate, steak tartar, and lovely view from 18th floor of Brussels @sheratonhotels.

Dates for your diary:

1). Women 2.0 – Women 2.0 will be holding what used to be Founder Friday on Thursday next week and will be rebranding it as Women 2.0 City Meetup. Event date April 3rd. Get your tickets here:

2). Tedx Canary Wharf – JCI Canary Wharf is helping with organizing TedX Canary Wharf and we need eveyone’s help! I have been put in charge and the first meeting will be held at the Head Office of Barclay’s in Canary Wharf. Event date April 7th. Get your tickets here:


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