So hard copy edition number two of Tech City News is out, and like I did with edition number one I am excitedly scowering it from cover to cover. But this time not only do I have a copy, I also met the head of distribution, Sinead Emma O’Brien (@Sineadoodle) in person when she brought a number of copies to @women2 @W2citymeetup.

@alexwoodscreates writes a great opening entry, did you know that Tech City News went all the way to Austin Texas at the @sxsw festival? As a person who is interested in Women in Tech and Startups I was super excited to see their cover story “Is this a man’s world?” under a picture of @buzzbrooke and @blazefeed.

Alex mentions @Alicebentinck of @EntreFirst the fantastic seed investment program which is affiliated with the @CodeFirstGirls (which is also in part run by the wonderful @maddienoz) a program for which I was chosen as the Ambassador for the Canary Wharf Accelerator Level39 class (@Level39CW) for the Advanced group. The Ambassadors and Maddie have already put on one Code First: Girls event for alumni with Andy Brown (@UBC_founder), about bootstrapping at the lovely @DigitasLBi_UK location, we are also planning an upcoming Tea Cake and Coding session so watch this space. Entrepreneurs First are also involved in the very interesting Pitch in The Palace events, read more here: http://www.entrepreneurfirst.org.uk/pitch–palace.html

Other people who are involved in the wonderful publication Tech City News (and I am now following on twitter, and you should too) include:
Editor-in-Chief: @alexwoodcreates
Feature Writers: @VidhiDoshi91 @DylanBakerCFM
Paris Correspondent: @AdamWestbrook
Markets Columnist: @chrisjwoodcock
Contributors: @Alicebentinck @MayorofLondon @brokenbottleboy @mollyflatt @EdwinSmith @CBM @jasonhesse @Nat_Langley (of @PwC_Growth_UK and @bh_growth) @sarahdrinkwater (of @google and Campus for Mums)
Financial Technology and Investments Reporter: @jasonhesse
Art Director: @ZarinaHolmes
Photographer: @paul_clarke
Community Manager: @MiniAnastasia
Publishing Director: @Nia1Williams

Other news learned from the publication: Austin (Texas) signed a sister city agreement with the London borough of Hackney at the South by Southwest festival. There is a programme called Campus for Mums by @sarahdrinkwater As well, The @cityoflondon @citylordmayor Fiona Woolf wrote an article which mentions Code First Girls by name; she mentions Code First Girls as an initiative that is supported by the City Corporation stating in her article that “the world has not changed fast enough” since she “became the first female partner at [her] law firm CMS in London 30 years ago.” She also mentions Angel Academy (@angelacademe), for which I have attended two meetings at the offices of @thomsonreuters. Her final sentence really sums it up and sent positive chills down my spine: “This will hopefully help Tech City be the home of not just the next Mark Zuckerberg, but also the next Sheryl Sandberg.” Yes, @sherylsandberg @LeanInOrg. Here here.

In the UK Tech industry only %17 of the workforce is female but there are so many inspirational people, many of whom are mentioned in this publication such as Adizah Tejani @Adizah_Tejani of @Level39CW, Shara Tochia @shara_tochia, @robynexton of @dattchapp Kate Jackson @KateJacksonK of @TableCrowd @Silkfred and @ClickTonight; @bindik of @SVB_Financial; @NidhimaKohli of @MyBeautyCompare. Sadly that I can relate, with regards to some of the women’s comments: “it was common for angel investors to ask whether [she] was married, getting married or had any plans to have children… when someone told [her] that even though [she] had no plans to have children in the near future [she] was a high risk investment and of child-bearing age and that’s why they wouldn’t invest.” It also says that according to founder of Angel Academe, through which I found out about @Seedrs (and met @justmeleesh) and became an Angel investor myself, that only 5% of Angel Investors in the UK are women. @joannashields of Tech City UK also names, quite rightly, @evarley of @TechHub; @sarahfwood of @unrulymedia; @avidl of @codeorg; and @irislapinski of @AppsforGoodCDI, as female entrepreneurs who are successful.

So what have I been up to?

Sat March 29th: Was in Brussels went to @atomium where we cued for some time before getting tickets into this expo-built structure, think @scienceworldca of Brussels. We went to the top of the Atomium and ordered some delicious local delicacies of slow-cooked chicken, strong coffee, steak tartar, while were overlooking @MiniEurope.

Sun March 30th: Went to @Europarl_EN, took a @foursquare pic also saw @EU_Commission. Went back to London on the @EurostarUK @Eurostar.

Mon March 31th: The Information Technologists Livery Company (@it_livery) held a ladies event to which I went. So, a while ago I blogged about the Livery Companies of London and how the Mayor of London (Currently Boris Johnson) is different to the Lord Mayor of the City of London (Currently Fiona Woolf). Well, I found out through a @LinkedIn professional group that I am a part of (thanks to @Maggie__Berry of @WEConnectEurope and @womenintech) that they were holding this ladies event a while ago and purchased tickets as soon as I could. The event was wonderful, everyone who was there was so helpful and responsive. I was given a membership pack and even have a first and seconder signatures but I have to attend a few more events before I can apply to become a Freeman. This is definitely a goal that I would like to work towards, I mean it is because of them that I met and spoke with @vgcerf. It is not a cheap endeavor, I will admit that, but it is a wonderful, historical thing to be a part of which is for a life-time, charitable and supportive. And I would like to become an active participant, so this is something to add to my list of adventures, becoming a Freeman of the City of London.

Tues March 1st: @JCICanaryWharf Meeting which took place in the Canary Wharf Head office of @Barclays. It was really interesting with updates from everyone involved in different projects. I told them about @timebank which we are collaborating with on their engage project and where I am going for my training next week to become a mentor. Oh, and we are having our first meeting for @TEDx Canary Wharf, with around 20 people registered to come along next Monday. You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tedx-canary-wharf-kick-off-meeting-tickets-11095413681

Wed April 2nd: Relaxed

Thurs April 3rd: At the Women 2.0 City Meetup. This time we held it at @RainmakingLoft, after having held it at Google Campus (@campuslondon) and The Bakery (@TheBakeryLDN). The Rainmaking Loft is quite an excellent location, I had been to it once before while it was being built and the final product is beautiful. They are also expanding, not only in London but internationally. Met with many interesting people including @jalehafrooze @WeAreROLI @sillyclownalley @digitalfanclubs @hungrykiwilady @stephanieseege @KarolinaRocka @ingeniusideas the speakers were from @Vastariupdate including @bjkbrocker and @martasia13.

Fri April 4th: Yesterday, went to Silicon Drinkabout (@SiliconDrinkabt ) put on by the @3_Beards, the location was @dictionaryhoste. Then went to London Stone to celebrate @hungrykiwilady’s birthday.

Sat April 5th: Relaxing and catching up.

Next week, dont forget: We are having our first meeting for @TEDx Canary Wharf, with around 20 people registered to come along next Monday. You can register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tedx-canary-wharf-kick-off-meeting-tickets-11095413681


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