Mon April 8th – @TEDx kick-off meeting at the head office of @Barclays bank; the meeting drew upon many interesting people including: @MichelaPascucci @MichelaMeets @JCICanaryWharf @KarolinaRocka @ElisaValentini @KBarlund @ALVARMagazine @stephanieseege @leighbee3 @MatthiasDrebes @KaroRiosLopez and it made me think of last year and the @TEDxSquareMile that @JCI_London put on (hey @mariofdez6 @simonjack_says @MarketingGuruJu @Vera_R_Geraldes @LingJin01 @Natalka_Design @NatiTal). We had an inspiring ice-breaker where everyone spoke about @TEDTalks @TEDNews and then we broke into smaller groups and went into different rooms of the 30th floor of Barclays Bank headquarters and attacked separate sections of the application form questions. The future team was amazing, inspiring and motivating. I look forward to applying and hopefully obtaining our licence so that we can really start working on the project.

With regards to the meeting two people that I met include Karoliina Bärlund who gave me a hard copy of her amazing magazine ALVAR (alvarmagazine.com) what a delicious find. I read and viewed it from cover to cover and it had some amazing content on the written word and how images appear in magazines. Also It had a lovely article with location shots of Finland which reminded me of the summer before I moved to the UK permanently where I was working between Finland and @LiverpoolHopeUK teaching youth English. The other person that I had met before (but not yet written about) was Stephanie Seege who has recently published and given me a copy of her book Soulflavours. She has a @kickstarter campaign related to this at http://kck.st/1hqKLJV .

Tues April 9th – Went for a final meeting with @timebank with regards to mentoring. There lovely head office is located in Finsbury Square which is literally right beside @Bloomberg @BbergCareersUK Finsbury Square office. Lovely area. Then went to @StarbucksUK @TeamLondonBdg @ImLondonBridge

Wed April 10th – Met with @karin_dubois and @EsterBAlonso and went to @beas_bloomsbury @StPaulsLondon very good tea and lovely peanut and chocolate cheesecake.

Thursday April 11th – Went to @gbkburgers and had a lovely naked burger with salad.

Friday April 12th – I am very excited about getting involved in the Northumberland Heath Community Forum and I am hoping to do this through community awareness and by working on the website. I sent an email and have received positive feedback thus far. I hope to involve many interesting parties such as @Mayor_Of_Bexley @BethRuffle @PhilipRead1 @BexleyTimes @bexleycomms @MPSBexley @BexleyJobsPlus @BexleyArchives @BexleyLibraries @local2usBexley @SmokefreeBexley @BexleyNWatch @MoreLifeBexley @BexleyBusiness @whatsoninbexley @rotarybexley @greenbexley @BexHistSoc @TWBexley @bexleycollege @Bexleyseacadets @BexleyBM @BexleyBoard @MumsnetBexley @BexleySC @BexleyLibrary @SELondonChamber @BexleyMencap @tpearce003 @BexleySCP @bexleywa @Bexley_Jobs @AdultEdBexley

Saturday April 13th – So I have registered @GA Front Row and have now taken the following courses: Introduction to User Acquisition; Prioritization for Product Managers; Branding basics; Do Scrum Tomorrow; Blogging for Business; How to Build a Mobile App; and Introduction to Google Analytics.

As well, London.Gov.Co.Uk has issued new social media account information and I am following all of them http://www.london.gov.uk/get-involved/social-media you might want to as well, so that you can keep in the loop: @MayorofLondon @DepMayorLondon @LondonAssembly @LDN_gov @LDN_environment @LDN_economy @LDN_prepared @LDN_culture @LDN_data @TeamLDN

Sunday April 14th – As the weather was amazing went outside and had brunch overlooking London Bridge @TheShardLondon @shardview @aquashard from the set menu we chose Lobster Benedict, Grilled Seabass, Rare Breed Roast, and Buttermilk Panna Cotta. Then went to explore beautiful @Royal_Greenwich and while there went to: @greenwichmarket, @NMMGreenwich, @TQHGreenwich, and @orncgreenwich.

Anyway, that’s it.


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