So after having not written for two weeks (too busy!) there is a lot to catch up on.

Monday April 14th – Went to a wedding @FosseBankSchool for Natasha Dolly (now Clay) and Aaron Clay, the weather was perfest for the outdoor wedding and the venue was a lovely lavish stately home with a marquee. The bride was so beautiful, the music was @michaelbuble and the children were running around the marquee/park area; oh yes, the food was excellent and the family, lots of fun.

Tuesday April 15th – JCI Admin training; so I have done the @jcinews courses Acheive and Impact and the next course was JCI Admin. While the name sounds boring, the content was really interesting and you can see the guest blog that I wrote on the @JCI_UK website at the following link: attendees included members from @JCICanaryWharf @JCI_London it took place at @londonchamber and included @MichelaPascucci @MichelaMeets @DexterDash @RafT2100 and our instructor was @sarbeckwith.

Wednesday April 16th – So today was my first day to take part in a robot study that is taking place at @QMUL. A while ago I was involved with @flossienet ‘s conference which took place at Queen Mary University and one of the students I met is doing a robotics study where she needs piano players to play with a robot and the robot is learning to “jam.” I agreed to play the piano with the robot (have a few songs memorized and you are not to read music for the study), so I went to the Engineering department, was locked alone in a room with the robot for half an hour and jammed for one minute intervals of increasing and decreasing speed and complexity. I found that the robot was best at jamming at simple tunes like chopsticks and when it came to more complex pieces (Jazz, Pachabels Cannons, etc) it became a bit confused. But it was fun. Then it was time to @google hangout with @amirad of @mozilla who I met while working with @mozillafestivallast year. She is such an inspiration and although she is back in Canada, she has connected me with @sarahtallen who works at @MozLDN.

Thursday April 17th – Was invited by the lovely @FiTimba of @packed_munches to attend my first @freeformers_uk event which took place at the absolutely beautiful @SomersetHouse @SomersetHsVenue. FreeFormers is part of the Web For Everyone Initiative (@web_foreveryone), to celebrate 25 years of the Web, and is partnered with Barclays (@Barclays, @barclaysOnline), Princes Trust (@PrincesTrust), Facebook (@vanessasr, @facebook), (@codeorg) where we learned about their great initiative “hour of code” (@MrYongpradit).

An initiative that I have taken part with in the classroom that was present at this FreeFormers event was Apps for Good (@AppsforGoodCDI); the Managing director (@debbieforster) made a presentation about getting involved and then one of the finalists from last year’s Apps for Good program (@PitchPals) made a pitch. While at the event was also very lucky to see two people who have spoken at Women 2.0 Meetups (@women2, @W2CityMeetup), Nidhima (@NidhimaKohli) of @MyBeautyCompare and Yasmine (@Mahmoudieh_Arch) of @mykidsy. Yasmine told me about the @TechLondonAdv meeting at Guildhall the following week, she said that she would make some intros to people to see if I could go (Guildhall people, like the place where the @citylordmayor hangs out). I assumed that I would not be able to go, but over the weekend intros were made with @RussShaw1 and on Sunday my invite was confirmed. Thanks Yasmine! After the Freeformers event went to the @archer_street bar for a b-day and then to China Town in Soho for some amazing Gluten and brisket stew. Nom.

Friday April 18th – Easter Hols; relaxed.

Saturday April 19th – Easter Hols; relaxed.

Sunday April 20th – Went into London, hung out at @valeriecafe and @StarbucksUK/@Starbucks and met up with Egle of @arbonne/@Arbonne_UK/@UK_Arbonne and Kriti and then dinner with Jamie and Pierre at a lovely Thai place close to Old Street. Pho!

Monday April 21st – Easter Hols; relaxed.

Tuesday April 22nd – TLA meeting at Guildhall. Fascinating people in attendance and a veritable who’s who of the London Tech Scene: @OliBarrett of @StartUpBritain; @markboleat (Policy Chairman at City of London Corporation); Russ Shaw, as mentioned before; @melindanicci of the @tlahealthtech14 start-up competition; @Christoooo; @michaelhayman Enterprise Columnist @telegraph; @kitmalthouse London Assembly member and Deputy Mayor of London with responsibility for Business and Enterprise; @gerardgrech the new CEO, Tech City UK; part of the team of @TechCityNews was there including Editor @alexwoodcreates.

Wednesday April 23rd – Went to the @ItsuOfficial close to @StPaulsLondon for a Jci meeting with regards to @TEDx Canary Wharf and the national convention.

Thursday April 24th– Went to @BexleyBusiness meeting and had the honour of meeting the Mayor of Bexley, Sharon Massey (@Mayor_Of_Bexley) and Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration Councillor Linda Bailey, who brought us lovely copies of the B4B magazine which is put out by @bexleycomms and partnered with London and Partners (@London_PR) and Thames Innovation Centre. The Magazine has the subtitle ” The Inward Investment Magazine for the London Borough of Bexley.”

Friday April 25th – Went for tea and @CadburyUK Cream Eggs at Jaime’s somewhere close to Elephant and Castle.

Saturday April 26th– Weekend; met with some previous members of the Northumberland Heath Community Forum. A previous member and the webmaster, discussions over coffee were had.

Sunday April 27th– Went into London to go to @giraffetweet; then went to see Egle and Kriti again; this time in @InShoreditch @AllpressE2. After went to @boxpark for some sencha peach tea with lychee bubbles bubble tea.

That’s it.


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