So life continues πŸ™‚

Monday April 28th – So there is a new person getting involved with @women2 @W2citymeetup today I was lucky to have a Google Hangout with her, Shruti @shrutimkrishnan. She will also be participating in our shared telephone call on Monday 12th may with @soulcandies and @KarolinaRocka and has started by creating a very useful spreadsheet which she has shared on Google Docs.

Tuesday April 29th – After a long while of not getting together with @FiTimba of Packed Munches (@packed_munches) we finally found the time to get together at the lovely collaborative space of the @CoventGardenLDN @timberyarduk. Fiona was the person who introduced me to this Timberyard and, one has to love a place that takes tea so seriously that they will give you a timer so that you get the perfect steep and when I ask for green tea they even ask what kind. I love it.

Wednesday April 30th – I missed going to the robot study that I am taking part in last week @QMUL; so this week I sprinted to the University to take part, I also will be taking part on Friday of this week to catchup. Of coarse the tube strike was taking place and I was quite late so I told the person running the test to order me a taxi to take me to @siliconrounduk (Old Street Station) so that I could meet with my @timebank Mentee as well as meet with @aimafidon, who I nominated for (and won) an @everywomanUK award, Anne-Marie is also the lady behind @Stemettes. It was a lovely evening, where the two women introduced me to @Uber awesome πŸ™‚

Thursday May 1st – It was Women 2.0 London City meetup. We were so lucky to have the hosts of @kweekweek and the speaker was from @Zomato @KritikaAshok @Zomatik Kritika does marketing at Zomato and our speaker was Kimberly Hurd who is heading up Zomato UK. We learned many valuable lessons and we were lucky to have many interesting people in the audience as well such as @ringpay @moveguides and others.

Friday May 2nd – I had missed last week of the Robot Study at the University of Queen Mary so I made up for that today. Afterwards, I met up with @jamietolentino of @Investec and we went to @BarbicanCentre to watch The Testament of Mary, I have seen the reviews, many of them five out of five stars and I have to wonder if I was watching the same production. Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia of the Harry Potter Films) represents the Virgin Mary as a modern old bitter women, with nothing else in her life but worrying about what others think and the death of her son. Oh my god, it was bad. She represented everything that is steriotypically negative about being an older women, she ran around the stage drinking, depressed, angry, alone and isolated and while I felt sorry for the character she was playing I also felt that it was a waste of my time, I left depressed and both Jamie and I were wondering why she had to take off all of her clothes and get wet on stage in front of everyone. We were lucky to obtain free tickets through a scheme that allows people under a certain age to enjoy free theater but this, I did not enjoy. And I would strongly suggest skipping this production.

Saturday May 3rd – Relaxed, caught up on some of the awesome projects am involved with.

Sunday May 4th – So it appears as though, now that I have found a wonderful Bubble tea maker in Shoreditch (@DigiShoreditch, @InShoreditch, @ShoreditchHype, @shoreditchworks,) located in Boxpark (@boxpark) named @MilkTeaPearlUK and today I went there twice. I can vouch for the Peach Roast Sencha flavour with lychee bubbles which I have had twice now (after having lived in Japan for 8 months I can tell what some of the difference is between Matcha and Sencha, but this is good!) I have also tried the Mango black tea and the passion fruit bubbles but I find that the mango black tea is to sweet and tastes not enough like green tea for me, but the chewy bits of mango are nommy; the passion fruit bubbles are also too sweet. Also went to @giraffetweet in @oldspitalfields @spitalfieldsE1 for some very tasty smoothie and food. Met as well with some of the people that I know though crewing at @tonyrobbins unleash the power within including @PaddyHonan1 and other lovely people.

Monday May 5th – Went to @kewgardens it was beautiful. On this special day we went to the three glasshouses that are open as well as the pagoda and flowering garden, after we went to the close-by @coachhotelkew for a phenominal dinner; with some really lovely food and massive portions; there were even some other Canadians there who had lived in Point Grey (@CityofVancouver @MyVancouver).

Tuesday May 6th – Went to the head office of @BarclaysOnline @Barclays for the most recent @JCICanaryWharf @JCI_UK meeting where discussions were had with regards to a partnership with @rotary @RotaryRIBI. After I went from the meeting rooms of the 30th floor to the 22nd floor and met with a friend and had their super-strong but very lovely coffee. That office is lovely techy and open plan.

Wednesday May 7th – Back again at the robot Study at Queen Mary University and then went on to the scholarly meetup at the @Starofkings put on by @ArdentGin with @meganwaples who is currently studying for her masters in Libarary Science at @CityUniLondon @NewsfromCity and watched in awe as she worked the room coming away with no less then 3 potential job offers. She is good. Then we went to @Carluccioscaffe for panna cotta and pasta and a sit down and catchup.

Thursday May 8th – Went to the @ThamesideInn and @Starbucks

Friday May 9th – Went to @thedeveloperlab DevLab live at @Level39CW, met up with a few people that I invited including @xtine08, Karolina, Cristina of Ring Pay that is being incubated at Level 39; some of the presenters included @UnileverFoundry @Elance @odesk and also met person who runs/owns @TechCityNews as well as the new CEO of @TechCityUK @gerardgrech, went to the diner after at the Canary Wharf location.

Saturday May 10th – Went to Birthday Party; @TweetBluewater @TGIFridaysUK @TGIFridays and I did what I do, told the waitress that is was the persons birthday and we got free cake and the waiters sang happy birthday for us. Then saw neighbors (the new film with the guy from Highschool Musical). Frat house moved next door to new family with a baby. Basically a boring film that was a remake of my frat days as a University Student. All of my frat experiences, the UBC Frat village Frat House @UBCFraternities @ubcaplaceofmind @ubcnews (where I lived for a summer), the off campus Frat House (where we would play video games for hours projected against the walls and go swimming in the ocean); and the Frat house that I lived in for a few days while I was visiting MIT (@MIT, @MITnews, @MITevents, @MITvideo).

Sunday May 11th – Today, bowled a few games @allstarlanes got more bubble tea at Milk Tea Peal (Peach Roast Sencha and lychee nom!) and randomly while hanging out in the local area, walked past @milkroundabout; I totally did not have a ticket, and believe me security looked at me like I was an alien, but I walked in passed security and said something along the lines of I don’t remember if I registered and spoke to one guy who said that I was not on the list. I then was pointed to another guy who could further search for me. He also said that I was not on the list but then asked what my background was, well I went into a massive schpeil. I had not practiced anything but my run-on sentence went something like this: I am involved with women 2.0 which is partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs (@GoogleForEntrep), I am owner of Techcityblog.co.uk, I did Code First Girls (@CodeFirstGirls) at level 39 which is affiliated with Entrepreneurs first (@EntreFirst), I am completely motivated and engaged by the start-up and tech community and I had seen this event in a number of places but I didnt actually know where it was located (I had seen it yesterday on the tenth in one of my emails and was disappointed that I couldnt make it), I guess I can thank careerealism (@CAREEREALISM, @jtodonnell) for thinking of myself as a business of one and actually having the courage to think that I might have the amazing opportunity to go into the event and get the words that I was thinking out of my mouth, but I did. And the guy kind of gave me a blank stare and then a knowing smile and said that he would register me and my plus one. So he did, and we went in.

Okay so imagine two large rooms filled to the brim with startups and techies. Yes, it was heaven. I had the opportunity to speak with a number of amazing companies and pick up some great contacts and information. It was like a dream. I even had the opportunity to take away the book which has all of the companies, what talent they are looking for and the direct contact information for their hiring managers. To be fair most of the roles are at a technical level that is higher than mine, but the atmosphere was buzzing, the energy was electric. Companies that were at the event (and I have contact information if you are interested, let me know) include: @10minuteswith @Badoo (giving out amazing bags with flashlights, smarties with their logo etc) @BBCNews @BorrowMyDoggy @comparethemkt @eventbrite @BriteLondon @FundingCircle @GA @grazedotcom (giving out lovely snacks, the cranberries and cherries were super oishee) @hassle @Hudl @InspiringIntern @JustEatUK @JustGiving @ProjectKano @makersacademy @MindCandy @overheardatmoo @Ocado @pivotallabs @WeAreROLI @SagePay_UK @skillsmatter @salesforce @socialdotcom @songkick @StackCareers @chrisOverflow @thetrainline @TransferWise @vouchercodesuk @OfficialWonga

That’s it.


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