Today we are very lucky to have a guest blog by Otokunor Kojo-Smith, who is Director at (@crowdmuncher). He is a media expert with 10 years experience in marketing, lead generation and sales within the digital and creative industries, and a passionate advocate for the 3rdSpace. He is part of a London creative company with clients in London, and Manchester and believes in an integrated platform through all forms of social media and offline marketing strategies.

“Why I Started Crowdmunch. I looked at the industries I loved and broke it down to either the entertainment or food Industry. I did some research and went to lots of meetups around silicon roundabout looking for that spark of creativity and inspiration. I noticed how London was changing through technology, community and social ethics. I wanted to be part of something I wanted to make a difference. New websites such as Kickstarter, Indigogo, Techstars and crowdfunding hubs were becoming more popular.

I realized that people were moving towards a sharing economy, was born out of these emerging social ideals of making positive communal choices in our everyday lives. People had started to dine out more, discovering new exciting pop-ups, street foods and finding up and coming chefs. The internet and smartphones were making events more accessible and social media had become a driving force behind people’s interactions. Essentially Crowdmunch is a platform for Pop-ups, Supperclubs, Chefs and professional food enthusiast to create daily, weekly menus and events that are funded through online pledges and the process of crowdfunding.

Once a menu or event reaches the desired target the customers can choose to eat in or take away from the establishment. This localised system of funding encourages group purchasing within the community and allows for less wastage as the menus are pre-ordered and costed. The value proposition is based on a mixture of daily deal websites online menu providers and crowdfunding platforms. Crowdmunch is more than just a ticketing or pre-order platform. We are also creating a community in London that want to experience new things help each other out and provide growth for small food business. We want to promote exciting events and produce networking opportunities for the food community whilst keeping an eye on ethics.

The unique rewards delivered for the Crowdmunch clients will help create loyalty and repeat customers. We also sponsor monthly Meetups to help new start ups who need information on how to become successfully within the food industry. We are always on the look-out for new speakers and people with the experience to pass on knowledge to food entrepreneurs. Our website is fully operational and we have a few campaigns signed onto our platform we are still looking to grow our users by adding more clients from both sides of the market.
The team is relatively small however we are looking to expand when we start acquiring new customers, right now we are fully committed and focused on our social media marketing and sales strategy, we have to let the whole of London know that we are ready for business and can deliver great campaigns. We need the support of the food community as this is a fairly new concept. I am positive that once we get the backing we can bring about change to lots of small business in and around London and at the same time provide people with amazing experiences.”


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