Hello blogosphere,

So I have not written for a whole month. I have been lucky that a number of guest bloggers have been keeping techcityblog.co.uk rich with amazing content (thank you: @haryvee of @bluebook_io, @Cyberchallenge, @freeformers_uk, Iain Cameron from @ukces whom I met @CityUnruly, Otokunor Kojo-Smith of @crowdmuncher) and we have a number of really interesting guest blogs upcoming, but I thought that as I have not done an entry in a while and the twitter account just reached 900+ followers today, that I should do a bit of an update on what has been happening.

May 27th – Went to @zigfridhoxton with @LaurieWang_ of @Neo_Ogilvy and @WKollective for @Digitaldoughnut get together. Met some interesting people and speakers included @lilachbullock @awedience and @goodcoffeecode and free delicious donuts were provided by @JamGouDou.

May 28th – A very productive meeting took place in Shoreditch where @jamietolentino, @MichelaMeets, @MichelaPascucci, @ElisaValentini where we further discussed, analysed and wrote up our application for our @TEDx license application. After the meeting which took place in a shared working space Elisa and @SaraCellini88 and I went to the close by @PizzaEast for a super tasty asparagus and egg dish.

June 2nd – Went to the last robot study @QMUL, then went over to @loveclapham to test out the new @byronhamburgers (for free, very tasty), then went over to the @londonchamberJCI to meet up with the @JCI_London team to undertake their helpful conflict resolution course.

June 3rd – Went to the @TheCircleUK to pick up a wonderful new outfit (they will also be writing a guest blog for Techcityblog about their amazing services so please stay tuned to hear more), Then it was off to another @JCI meeting, this time at the @Barclays @Barclaysuk Canary Wharf Head Office with @JCICanaryWharf.

June 4th – Met up with Elisa again and learned about her start up idea and signed my first non-disclosure agreement. Then back to Canary Wharf for a meeting with regards to charity skydiving with @GoSkydiveUK, Women in IT meeting with @WATC_Updates @WATC_girl @WATC_Careers at @MorganStanley.

June 5th – I was very lucky to be introduced through @CIPD (the chartered institute for HR in the UK) to a mentor, Nicola Pattimore @olitig who is the Head of HR at @equiniti; I feel so lucky to have met such a knowledgeable and experienced person and that she made time for me and bought me @StarbucksUK green tea and we spent a full hour discussing strategy; a truly wonderful mentor. Then I was off to the London @women2 @W2CityMeetup which this month took place at @TheBakeryLDN we had an amazing speaker: @avidl from @boticca learned so much and was so inspired.

June 6th – @google hangout with Kasia of @CoFoundersLab in San Francisco and also meeting between @sarahtallen of @MozLDN and @soulcandies of Women 2.0; then got together with @RBridgetR, @OhioanInHackney and Jamie @Starbucks.

June 8th – Met up with @stephanieseege and Crystal and we went to the Dumpling Legend in London’s SoHo China Town and then Crystal and I went to @Bubbleology, I tried a milk tea with bubbles but I have to say I really don’t like the milk teas I much prefer the fruit black/green teas.

June 11th – Met with the @lauracostantino a lovely lady who has been working in the Silicon Valley @Yahoo who reached out to me on @LinkedIn as she was visiting London and had read my article about the startup scene in London on the Women 2.0 website (see here: http://women2.com/2014/05/08/featured-city-month-london/) so I connected with her at the Starbucks at Liverpool Street Station and then we went to the Mozilla Head Office to meet with Sarah and talk during the Wednesday Mozilla open office hours.

June 12-13th – So I was very lucky to have the opportunity to go to Leeds and job shadow my super-important friend @Neha_Duggal while she works for @Cisco I was really lucky to have this opportunity and met some really amazing and important people and learned about Big Data and the Internet of Things from some very senior thought leaders.

June 14th – Went to Redding and tried @spheremania, quite a bit of fun 🙂

June 15th – Went to the @TheBrekkyClub and then @LPQUK for breakfast with @sharma_kriti; then home for home cooked father’s day dinner.

June 16th – Took part as an organizer for the London @CoFoundersLab meeting at @campuslondon; met with @SObedih of @TheFoundersHive.

June 17th – Due to an email from @TheBulldogTrust I have been in contact with @AyathUllah to help out with @ModelWstminster and today was the first time that I had the chance to meet with him. So went to Westminster and @CommonsEd, then went to Google Campus with @hiwotwolde for an educational talk.

June 20th – Went to the Mozilla to help prep for the @CodeFirstGirls workshop with @Jamiltz and @olivia_d83; then went to @iw_expo the week’s end @SiliconDrinkabt at @bl_nkHackney and then met up with @angel_alamspecial and a group of her awesome friends for Pho.

Other things without a specific date: got into Code First Girls Summer Hacking School, renewed my CIPD Professional Associate-Level Membership and have been working on my General Assembly (@GA) Front Row course continuing my learning about @googleanalytics.

So that’s it 🙂


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