Guest Blog – Yasmine Mahmoudieh (Founder and CEO at MyKidsy)

How to educate the little ones!
Everywhere we read about the curriculum being very out of date and inappropriate for kids learning.
We know today that the stem subjects are not chosen often by girls. now that it is very late there are many organisations including the government trying to solve the situation.
I think that we do need to start at the earliest age. We need to get kids as young as 3 to 4 years involved in creativity through music, dance but also technology. the education on the arts and science should not start at one part in life and then stop. it is an ongoing process.
We need to not always only work on symptoms but analyse where the problems start.
We also need to teach in an engaging way if especially girls are supposed to be attracted to stem subject.
A more practical teaching method is needed that engages children and not let them be lectured on.
I also believe that the teaching of mindfulness and compassion is needed to have well rounded citizens of the future. The Dalai Lama, who is also a scientist said that if every young children from the age of 5 would mediate one hour per week on compassion there would not be any more violence on the planet after one generation.
wW need to take care of our children by acting now and not waiting for things to happen or governments to change the curriculum. Get them engaged now and find out for themselves what their passion in life is.
Let’s not waste the most important time of the most important lives we have in our lives , our children. Get them engaged now.

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