Boxing Day Catchup

So about a year ago I started techcityblog (first entry was on 12/25/2013 23:27) and today is 12/26/2014. I thought about trying to list some of the things that have happened this year and some of the things that I will be involved with in the New Year, but there have been way too many things, so instead I will do an old-school blog entry, like when I started this blog and write about what I have been doing over the last little while.

-Monday Nov 4th – I had helped out last year with the Maple Leaf Trust Ball and this year I was asked to attend planning meetings and support the Maple Leaf Trust Team. The meetings took place at the CIBC (@cibc @CIBCcareers @CIBConCampus) London Head office close to St Pauls (@StPaulsLondon) tube stop.

-Tuesday Nov 5th – I was able to get a ticket to go to the Ernst and Young (@EYnews @EY_CareersUK @BethBrooke_EY @KTwaronite_EY @EY_StudentsUK @EY_PressUK @EY_On_Work) head office for a talk on the Dharma of Personality close to London Bride (@TeamLondonBdg) tube station, at 1 More London Place.

-Wednesday Nov 6th – Went to @alicehousewh

-Thursday Nov 7th- Met with one of my mentors, @jamietolentino at Harrods (@Harrods @HarrodsCareers) at their lovely tea house, which is a hidden gem and I highly recommend it, so opulent and excellent service. I have a lovely pot of green tea and a great catch-up with Jamie.

-Friday Nov 8th – Went to the the Institute of Directors (@InstOfDirectors) with @hungrykiwilady for Silicon Drinkabout (@SiliconDrinkabt) which is put on by the group @3_Beards a good catchup was had.

-Saturday Nov 9th – CIPR class; my last in-class class with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (@CIPR_UK @LondonPR @wadds @CIPR_CFG @CIPR_Jobs) which took place at the lovely Ect Venue (@etcvenues @etcsmile) at Liverpool Street Station @NetworkRailLST

-Monday Nov 10th – So the venue of Pimlico Acadamy (@PimlicoAcademy) is a location where Badmonton lessons have taken place in the past and where, more recently (and on this day) Ceroc dance lessons have taken place (@CerocLondon @Ceroc) good fun and good exercise

-Tuesday Nov 11th – I am also undertaking lessons with the Chartered Management Institute (@cmi_managers), via online learning. On this day I worked on the assignement at home.

-Wednesday Nov 12th – During lunch I was luck to speak with another one of my mentors, Jyoti who I was able to find via the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (@CIPD @CIPD_CLB @cipdlondon @PeopleMgt). I was also able to make it for the end of the @CityUnruly lesson which took place at the top floor meeting room of Unruly (@unrulyco), the wonderful company which was cofounded (and current COO) by Sarah Wood (@sarahfwood). The lesson was by By Dr Tom van Laer (@tvanlaer) and the titled “The Six Steps of an Awesome Digital Marketing Strategy.” 1pm speak with Jyoti (CIPD mentor)

-Thursday Nov 13th – Through involvement with Junior Chamber International (@jcinews @JCI_London @jciprograms @JCI_UK and saw @LingJin01), I received an invitation to the Commercial Education Trust which took place at the Clothworkers’ Company Hall, one of the Great Twelve Livery Companies and the keynote lecture was by Harvey McGrath, Chairman of Big Society Capital (@BigSocietyCap). A Lovely venue and great people.

-Friday Nov 14th – Went to Jamies (@jamietolentino) and had a delicious home-made meal and catchup.

-Saturday Nov 15th – A relaxation day which included tasty Pizza (from @dominos @Dominos_UK) and good friends.

-Sunday Nov 16th – Another relaxing day

-Monday Nov 17th – Working and studying.

-Tuesday Nov 18th – Working and studying.

-Wednesday Nov 19th – Working and studying and obtaining a new cleaner through Maid2Clean(@maid2clean @Maid2CleanUK), which I can honestly not recommend enough. We had briefly through about changing comapnies but we keep coming back to this one as it covers insurance and is so efficient and cost effective!

-Thursday Nov 20th – Working and studying.

-Friday Nov 21st – Went to the @MedievalBanquet for dinner. A very interesting business concept where large wooden tables are present in Vaults under St Katharines Docks (@StKats). The area is gorgeous and also has the Rainmaking Loft (@RainmakingLoft) and Tall Ships as well as a glass Starbucks (@Starbucks @StarbucksUK) located in the local area.

-Saturday Nov 22nd – The pub with Nicola for her birthday at the Greewich Tavern (@Greenwich_Tav). Lovely mulled wine, minced pies and catching up.

-Sunday Nov 23rd – Went to the Reflexology Space for an hour and a half of very relaxing reflexology, thanks Wowcher (@wowcher @WowcherDealsLDN).

-Monday Nov 24th – Working and studying.
-Tuesday Nov 25th – Working and studying.

-Wednesday Nov 26th – Working and studying. And my sister’s birthday (@katienanton).

-Thursday Nov 27th – Relaxing.
-Friday Nov 28th – Personal admin catch-up.
-Saturday Nov 29th – Personal admin catch-up.
-Sunday Nov 30th – Working and studying.
-Monday Dec 1st – Birthday party attendance.

-Tuesday Dec 2nd- Met with Jaime for dins at Cafe Rouge (@CafeRougeTweet).

-Wednesday Dec 3rd – Went to the Startup Institute (@StartupInst @StartupInstLON).

-Thursday Dec 4th – Spent some time at Campus London (@campuslondonUX) powered by Google (@google @GoogleUK) first at a General Assembly (@GA_London @GA) UX event and then went downstairs to the Tech the Halls event to represent Women 2.0 (@women2) and met with people from Google, Ada’s List (@AdasList ), GeekGirl Meetup (@GeekGirlMeetup), Girls in Tech (@GirlsinTech @Girlsintech_UK), Geekettes (@LondonGeekettes), Stemettes (@Stemettes), TLA Women in Tech (@TLAWomeninTech) and W Kollective (@WKollective).

-Friday Dec 5th – Went to watch and play Badmonton.

-Saturday Dec 6th – Festive season catch-up day. Went to the Post Office (@PostOffice), Phone Shop (@ThreeUK), Garden Centre, Xmas gift shopping.

-Sunday Dec 7th – Went to Unconventional Convention, put on by one of the ladies at Tech the Halls, which took place at The Book Club (@TheBookClubEC2), and included Deri Lewellyn-Davies (@TheStrategyMan), Sandra Donskyte (@SandraDonskyte), Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe (@sarcastathon), Iulia Calota (@IuliaCalota), Pauline McCarthy (@Icelandscot).

-Monday Dec 8th – Was invited to the Christmas Twilio (@twilio) Party, at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall (@ICAEW), I have been there before for a Women in Finance event and as this event was Steam Punk Themed the atmosphere and decorations were quite different. It was awesome.

-Tuesday Dec 9th – Went to the Natural History Museum (@NHM_London) for ice skating. For dinner went to the lovely tapas restarant Casa South Kensington and got crepes for desert, it was beautiful.

-Wednesday Dec 10th – Went to Women 2.0 at the lovely venue Pivitol Labs (@pivotallabs), Our speaker was the inspirational (@PerrineFarqueUK).

-Thursday Dec 11th – Working and studying.
-Friday Dec 12th – Out for dins at the Peruvian Restaurant Titos, close to London Bridge. Very delicious.

-Sat Dec 13th – Catching up and relaxing.

-Sun Dec 14th – Went for brunch at Giraffe (@giraffetweet) and then massage at Shujun Healthcare. I have to say that the location close to Oxford Station is convenient, but the actual experience was not and it is not a place that I would recomend, although the price was quite inexpensive (thanks Wowcher).

-Mon Dec 15th – Working and studying.
-Tues Dec 16th – Working and studying.

-Wed Dec 17th – Went to the CMI managing problems event “Problem Solving – Square Mile Networking Group” which took place at BPP Business School London City (@BPPBusiness @saburnett2010), where I have considered taking some classes. I had never been inside the venue before but after this I can say that it is actually quite nice!

-Thurs Dec 18th – Went to the Tech City News (@TechCityNews) Christmas Party at The Trampery (@tramperyoldst @thetrampery). Lovely cocktails and good to see people and catch up.

-Fri 19th – Playing and watching Badminton.

-Sat Dec 20th – Went to Bognor Regis for a friends (Heathers) Wedding.

-Sun Dec 21st – Leander Club (@Leander_Club) with my British side of the fam and then another fam xmas get together.


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