Guest Blog – Art & Me – Michelle Lam, Founder of Visiomi (formerly named Visiomobile)

TechcityBlog is lucky to present a guest blog from Michelle Lam, Founder of Visiomi (formerly named Visiomobile).

Art has occupied every moment of my life since a very young age. Over the years, I have not only dedicated myself in performing arts, but also have participated in various performances and competitions. In kindergarten, I learned contemporary dance. The pleasurable feeling when I did the choreography that reflects the theme of the dance, awaken my interest in music. Singing then had dominated my life ever since elementary school. However, my passion for dancing had not stopped there, in which dancing not only broadened my horizons, but also led me to venture outside of rhythmic movements. My student life from junior high through undergraduate years was the most amazing part of all. Apart from being a member of school choirs, I was mesmerized by Ballet and Chinese Classical dances whilst practicing martial arts, such as, Karate, Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Tai Chi and Wing Chun. Fortunately, after finishing my bachelor degree, I have been able to continue my passions, which I put my heart into martial arts as well as Belly and Flamenco dances. 

Art is my life. My experiences from engaging in live performances and competitions made me realize that art connects people together, which everyone should be able to enjoy the freedom of sharing ideas and perceptions without boundaries. Among all, film is the only form of medium can be flawlessly used to express as small as a simple idea to a complex cultural or political issue. By the power of film, people can easily understand or resonate with a message that is being demonstrated. Needless to say, abundant stories can be portrayed through films. In this regard, I have found my first startup, Visiomi (formerly named “Visiomobile”), a WebTV on-demand independent film streaming. 

It was decades ago since a new breakthrough in broadcasting technology due to the asymmetry between art and science in the past. Not until the Internet technology, especially cloud-based technology, was invented that they are now to remain coherent with each other. For my video streaming startup, the cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the preeminent formula to help accommodate global viewers, which provides virtual services with the unlimited capacity in managing huge volumes of data. Particularly, I have found the integration of CloudFront – Dynamic Content Delivery, S3 and EC2 solutions is a tremendous valuable asset to my business. In recent years, the simplicity and capability of AWS have helped the digital media giant, Netflix, to minimize the cumbersome of internal activities, such as coding, infrastructure set-up, implementation or customization, and IT personnel management.

By using CloudFront, no matter if my platform is running in Amazon EC2 or outside of AWS, no custom coding or proprietary configurations needed, which makes it easier to deploy and manage.

Meanwhile, I have been using the cloud storage tool, Amazon S3, which enables me to virtually store massive volumes of digital video contents to avoid heavy investment in server infrastructure, and other hardware and software. I can login to and administer everything virtually on Amazon Management Console anytime, anywhere. To achieve high data transfer speeds and low latency, all I need to do is to create a ‘distribution’, a path, which allows me to utilize Amazon worldwide edge locations to distribute content to global viewers from the nearest edge locations.

CloudFront is certainly a comprehensive service. It also provides device and country detection functions designed specifically to detect a viewer’s device (tablet, mobile phone, laptop or desktop) and geographic location in order to generate specific content for the user according to the type of the device and the country. User experience is essential to my platform. Consequently, these functions enhance the customer facing elements on my website.

Comparing to in-house productions, Amazon cloud-based services are more cost effective, efficient and can minimize services instability. To that fact, Netflix and several other media giants, for instances, Comcast, Lionsgate and Channel 4, have also migrated most of their internal activities to AWS. Remember when I was working in Silicon Valley, companies that I worked for had problems building and implementing their own customized systems. They had wasted so much time, effort, money and other limited resources only found themselves not even half-way through to build a complex system, which resulting in abandoning their developments.

I am keen on maintaining most of the activities virtually if possible. Amazon EC2 provides virtual computers and allows me to virtually run, configure my own computer applications that I have control over accessing and managing the scalable deployment of applications with minimal friction. Moreover, it is easier for me to implement backup, archive, and disaster recovery strategies. 

Since 2015 has begun, we are already living in the future. This compelling cloud-based technology is a prominent medium offering a facile, agile way of content streaming, in which it enables worldwide audiences to view independent films on my platform anytime, anywhere. As an art enthusiast, I celebrate the power of Internet as it completely has broken down all the barriers so that we finally have the opportunity to share, understand and learn art across the globe.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

CloudFront – Dynamic Content Delivery




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media giants


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